5 Tips to Ensure that Hot Desking Boosts Productivity

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Space-sharing is often considered advantageous for modern companies. Hot desking gives employees a better and more efficient way to utilize a shared workspace. By exercising this flexible method of workplace planning, entrepreneurs don’t have to overextend their real-estate budget. They can provide their team with excellent workspace benefits under one roof.

Is Hot Desking Working for Your Employees?

Working with the hot desking model helps employees increase individual productivity and also improves their sense of belonging within the organization. Since hot desking involves a flexible seating arrangement, incorrectly managing it can lead to chaos. Creating a streamlined approach is vital to make hot desking a success.

Design optimal schedules and make sure that everyone has easy access to real-time availability. To make the transition easier, provide privacy in the form of quiet rooms, private offices, or cubicles. Employees can use them for individual video calls or phone meetings without unwanted interruptions. These small measures help employees adjust to hot desking more easily and ultimately become more productive! Additionally, using the best hot desk booking software can automate these processes seamlessly.

However, even after employing practices like hot desking, teams utilize their office space quite inefficiently, wasting precious time, energy, and resources. We have put together our top five tips to ensure that hot desking increases productivity, collaboration, and engagement. The best hot desk booking software available on the market helps make flexible working even more convenient for you and your employees.

5 Tips to Ensure that Hot Desking Boosts Productivity

Address Employee Concerns

Your team members are the ones who will be using the hot desks most frequently. Hence, any concerns they may have must be addressed. Ask for their opinions and feedback about how to make the desk booking process more efficient. Ensure that each person gets a spot that they are comfortable using. You might be using the best hot desk booking software, but you must also provide training for the same.

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Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

Being well-organized keeps you in control. The initial design and setup are not enough for hot desking and flexible workplaces. Maintaining and updating them at regular intervals is critical. To achieve this, you can access data from the desk booking software to understand usage patterns. This can help with optimal space utilization, which indirectly increases productivity.

Communication and Transparency are Key

The unprecedented times that we live in can come with many sudden changes in the workplace. Remote and flexible working, video conferencing, and global offices are the hallmarks of most companies today. To ensure that all team members are engaged and that the office runs like a well-oiled machine, communication and transparency are key.

Introduce Additional Workplace Initiatives

Hot desking can be elevated by introducing other workplace management tools and initiatives. These include agile working and hybrid models. Such systems empower employees to make decisions, which in turn transforms business operations.

Deploy Appropriate Equipment

Hot desks work well with the right office resources. You can invest in furniture and equipment such as standing desks, whiteboards, AV resources, and more. Some employees may need a large desk with storage space, and some would require only a small desk with a drawer or two. Similarly, some team members would need access to printers, copiers, etc., while the others would only need laptops. When using the best hot desk booking software, you can input these factors automatically.

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Keeping these tips in mind, it is important to have smart technologies like Rendezvous’ best hot desk booking software. With mobile and web desk booking solutions, it is easily accessible to everyone. It also has integrations with widely used software like Outlook and Microsoft Office 365, and uses sensor technology to track real-time usage.

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