6 ways to hack into stress-free meetings – and beyond

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It’s no surprise that Nike’s Oregon HQ lives up to the company’s sporty image with two soccer fields, a gym, putting green and running trail – but despite all the facilities, employees still manage to get through a whole lot of work.

Meetings remain a pillar of productivity within almost every office environment. It is where we come together as a team, and hammer out our plans for success.

In fact, Forbes reported that every day 11 million meetings  take place in the US.

So, with today’s technological advances it’s understandable why meeting room manager software is necessary and a pivotal part of the workplace.

Booking a room, or rooms, for your company’s meeting space, can sometimes be a challenge. Whether there is difficulty organizing the meeting– particularly across multi time zones, or trouble finding the right space.

Other potential problems include making sure resources such as video and AV conferencing are available, changes in arrangements that have not been communicated to those attending the meeting, or accounting for no-shows.

The technology behind meeting room manager software has developed rapidly to meet the demands of our workplaces, due in part to the constant continuing trend towards desk booking, and the necessity of more flexible conferencing and meeting spaces where co-workers can collaborate freely.

Let’s take a look at some modern-day meeting hacks that will allow your employees to get more engaged in all aspects of a meeting, just by utilizing updated meeting room management software.

Here are 5 ways to hack into stress-free meetings:

  1. Online booking:

Online meeting management software allows the user to book the space and specific technology they need for their meeting via an app on their smartphone or tablet, and also allows them to clearly define what their catering needs are, in the same transaction.

This technology works across multi-locations and takes time zones into consideration.

  1. Easy view of available desks and space:

Room occupancy sensors allow for a real-time view of meeting room space and resources by detecting when a room is in use – or when it has been left vacant.

This information is then displayed in an easy-to-view graphical format for employees to view, choose and book where they want to work.

Hot desking is made easier with the help of sensors working in combination with meeting scheduling software. This provides a self-service function that saves time and removes obstacles to enable more flexible working conditions.

  1. Ordering AV, VC and catering all at the same time:

Meeting management software also allows employees to book the technology and resources they need for their specific meeting, and defines what their video conferencing, projectors, and catering needs are, in a single transaction.

This resource scheduling system will also keep an up-to-date inventory of equipment like AV etc., so there’s less chance of showing up for a meeting and finding that the essential equipment is missing.

  1. Automatic release of unused meeting rooms:

Last minute changes to a meeting can lead to wasted time and admin if the problem is not addressed quickly.

Luckily, the scheduling aspect of meeting room manager software lets everyone involved in a booked meeting know about any unforeseen changes, immediately. This reduces administrative time, and further, reduces the number of no-shows (one of the most widespread complaints people have about meetings).

  1. Digital signage integration:

Meeting room manager software also integrates with the latest in digital signage in order to help guide attendees to the right place.

Some of the goals that can be easily accomplished with the implementation of panels with digital signage are:

  • wayfinding to a meeting room
  • advertising and brand building
  • displaying internal information (for corporate employees)

These days, companies around the world are using panels/digital signage solutions in order to help their business run more efficiently. There is no shortage of choices for your company to explore when it comes to this meeting room management and communication resource.

Furthermore, meeting room management software is already being utilized by digital-savvy corporate law firms and organizations to keep their employees happy and productive, while at the same time, streamlining all their other in-house operations.

Supported by real-time data, resource scheduling technology provides facility managers and office occupiers the opportunity to engage in an end-to-end view of their workspace with comprehensive reporting.

This business intelligence also enables facilities managers to see exactly how their workplace is accomplishing the demands of their employees, while at the same time, helping them to make informed decisions going forward when scheduling meetings.

In closing, as meetings will most likely always be a part of office life, these hacks are quickly becoming the “norm”. Adopting them in your workplace will provide opportunities for collaboration that spark success and innovation within your company.

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