A Checklist for Shifting to an Agile Workplace

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Modern-day workplaces demand constant changes and require the use of new and advanced technologies to meet critical business needs. Globalization proved to be one of the critical milestones towards modernizing work culture. Employees play an essential role in improving the standard of businesses with their operational efficiency and performance. How does one address these changes to benefit staff members?

Substantial shifts in the working environment have set new standards for employees and offices. Hybrid working, remote working, online conferencing, and other such styles have marked the significant shifts in organizations worldwide. Agile working is one such style.

Why Shift to Agile Workplaces?

Agile working is a way of creating an efficient work environment to improve work productivity and flexibility. By altering the working areas within the office at the unit level, you can ensure a refined and organized flow of work throughout the organizational hierarchy.

An agile workplace promotes staff members to perform at their optimum level and come forward with initiatives for growth. It nurtures creativity in collaborative workplaces. In an agile work setup, the employee chooses when and where they will work, thus allowing them to perform at their best. Tools such as an agile workplace management software with integrated desk booking solutions let people physically choose a work setting that they find comfortable.

Best Ways to Build an Agile Workplace – A Checklist

The adage “old ways won’t open new doors” holds true for workplaces too. Old practices and outdated technologies won’t pave new ways for businesses to diversify and scale towards achieving their mission and vision. More often than not, such practices increase the expenses of manual business processes and require more labor than needed. Agile working can certainly solve these challenges. The checklist below should be kept in mind while you adopt agile workplace practices.

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Understand the Needs of Your Team

Taking account of the strength and size of each team or department is imperative for allocating resources. Allocating more resources to a small team leads to wastage, and allocating fewer resources to large teams ends up being counterproductive. Fulfilling each requirement carefully and taking calculated steps to outsource the necessary needs requires strategic planning. This phase should paint a clear picture of all requirements that need to be fulfilled. One size definitely does not fit all.

Establish Strong Communication Channels

How do you communicate the agile changes to different teams within your organization? Effective communication is the backbone of any efficient organization. When leaders understand the changes and share them with their team members, it goes the extra mile in setting the benchmark for best workplace practices. An agile workplace design should take into consideration every department’s input. Introducing advanced tools like agile workplace management software must be communicated to the talent pool so that they know how to use them for their benefit.

Make Necessary Modifications to Office Design

Your old office layout is not likely to be suitable for agile working. Ideally, an open-plan office with flexible desk options works the best. Introducing small and large meeting spaces, quiet work areas, and lounges/”fun” rooms with appropriate furniture also enhances the working environment. Agile workplace management software can be used to simplify and automate space utilization.

Utilize Technology Such as Agile Workplace Management Software

The current agile work practices are dependent on technology to break down complex management tasks. Installing an agile workplace management software is not a choice but a necessity to carry out premeditated agile objectives. Service providers help you with customized management software versions to suit your business needs. Data insights from such software can further improve agile working.

Why Go for Rendezvous?

In this modern era, when most businesses are shifting to advanced workplace models, it is high time that you think of ways to implement an agile workplace for your organization. To make this easy to implement and less complicated to operate, Rendezvous offers quality solutions in workplace management. Get in touch today!