Are you ready to manage the process of change in the workplace?

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A new downloadable white paper opens a discussion on the challenges faced by businesses in the fast changing world and impacts caused by people, property and technology.

The downloadable white paper entitled ‘People. Property. Technology. Managing the Process of Change’ looks at the changes in the way we harness technology to enable employees to better engage with businesses and workplaces.

Taken into account in the white paper is the strong connection between people, property and technology and the impacts on business operations and competition.

In essence, it captures the need to change the culture of business to embrace the new way of working and ever changing introduction of new technologies, primarily brought about by the influences of the different generations and the mobile revolution, which demands a more agile approach to the workplace.

Further impacts such as formality of meetings held, flexible working options for staff and video conferencing tools may seem impossible to control in business, NFS’s white paper highlights how, when managed effectively utilising latest technology, they can enable optimum engagement with staff and the workplace.

Says Luis De Souza, Chief Executive Officer and author of the white paper: “Business dynamics has changed immensely and will only continue to do so across the global commercial market, bringing a sense of potential turbulence if not managed properly but also real opportunity. Business firms need to equip themselves with new competencies that were never thought of before.  But knowing where to start, how to involve staff and understand their unique requirements, and grasping what can be achieved can all feel overwhelming.

“In this white paper, where we highlight the ‘flexible working revolution,’ we have carefully broken down the issues to open a discussion on how to meet these challenges. Whilst we provide a checklist to offer help and advice on making flexible working a viable business option, we look forward to opinions, experience and comments into this very complex and challenging issue.”

This white paper is a must if you’re seeing the latest changes in the workplace to encourage better workplace collaboration and staff engagement and know you need to get on board. Download to:

  • Understand the fast paced changes in the workplace
  • Adapt the processes as well as the management approach to embracing technology in the workplace, including BYOD trends
  • Tailor your approach to meetings and utilise modern technology including latest video conferring tools to adapt to the different expectations of staff when it comes to flexible working
  • Be inspired by the opportunity to create a workplace future proofed to meet the mobile revolution.

The white paper entitled “People. Property. Technology. Managing the Process of Change’ is now available to download at