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The connected toolkit that works magic on productivity

Nick Dayby on August 12, 2016

How’s your job productivity? Has it slowed down somewhat? You’re not alone – a shocking new survey has revealed that a quarter of employees say their productivity is actually reduced by an uncooperative workplace.

But it could be a whole different story for you.

We have clients all over the world, and in our experience, those with the most productive workers share one thing – a Connected Workplace.

What’s Connected?

Simple – it’s a workplace that supports efficient working conditions for every member of staff, boosting their productivity and increasing retention. Maybe that sounds complicated.  The way we work these days is changing radically, thanks to the number of generations who now share the workplace. There’s also a greater demand for flexible space where these workers can get together and share ideas.

So how do you Connect Your Workplace?

Put the correct toolkit in place – and make sure it includes these 3 things:

  • enabling technology that connects together seamlessly
  • smooth business processes for a great user experience
  • spaces designed for different working styles.

Want to know more about it?

Take a look at my white paper – you’ll learn10 steps that can connect your workplace to better productivity.

Go ahead – download the white paper now!


Nick Day

Nick Day

Head of Rendezvous Sales

As head of Rendezvous sales for EMEA, Nick Day draws on years of experience with major global companies to offer unique insights into how technology creates a connected workplace that supports modern ways of working - and delivers better productivity, collaboration and well-being in the workplace.

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