Creating great workflow – how Amy’s agile booking system makes her working day perfect

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Agile booking system

Agile working – you’re working hard to implement it in your organization, but is it making the big difference you hope when it comes to your staff and their productivity?

We asked agile office worker Amy to talk us through her working day and reveal how she uses an agile workplace shifting to make her life a whole lot easier.

Amy says: “You know organizing HQ meetings is never simple – there are workspaces to locate, often in multiple locations and time zones, colleagues to invite to meetings and services such as catering to arrange.

“I don’t have a lot of time, so I don’t want to spend too much of it on admin.

That’s where our agile booking system helps me – right through my day.”

1. Booking a desk

“While I’m on my way to our HQ, I use my mobile app and the agile booking system to check what desks are available for me. Then I book one directly from a floorplan that’s easy to view,” says Amy.

“I choose a particular floor and desk location where it’s convenient for me to work closely with my key colleagues.”

When Amy arrives at the office, she scans the QR code she’s been allocated, and that secures her space for the day.

“If I don’t do this, the desk is automatically released into the availability pool within 30 minutes of the booking start time – that’s an HQ rule I follow,” she says.

“It’s a good rule because when I’m looking for somewhere to work, I can see that space will be available at, say, 9.30 a.m. when desk space is automatically released into the pool. It’s a real benefit of the agile booking system.”

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2. Finding a meeting room

During the morning, Amy needs urgently to get some project team members around a table to discuss new client requirements that have come up

“I’ve used the agile booking system to choose a workspace in a quiet zone, so for my meeting, I need to find a small meeting room,” she says.

“Before the technology, this would have meant wandering around the office to find an available room – then I would have been wondering if I might have to vacate halfway through my meeting.

“Our new digital signage panels makes finding a room really simple because they show if a room is booked. I check for meeting room space also on my mobile app, too. This saves around 15 minutes of my time and it’s really efficient for my colleagues, too.”

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3. Locating colleagues for a collaboration session

“I use the agile booking system portal to check my colleagues’ availability in real-time, and I can even collaborate using a tool like Skype almost instantly,” says Amy. “It’s simple!

“I also use tools like Zoom to bring my colleagues into the meeting who are working from home. I usually work from home at least once a week – and believe me, it can be very productive!”

Amy enjoys how easy it is to use the agile booking system to organize a video conference.

“The system locates the right spaces even across time zones, and it invites everyone I need there,” she says.

“Even better, if any details of the meeting change, such as the time, the system automatically notifies everyone involved.

“It means I don’t have to send out a bunch of emails and wondering if people have received them. I find it reduces no-shows at our meetings a lot.”

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4. Organising catering, parking and equipment

Amy’s urgent collaboration session continues for nearly two hours.

“It can happen,” she says. “So having services available through my booking portal is great. It means I can order in catering so we don’t need to stop to get lunch.”

The office agile booking system makes it simple to organize catering for meetings even in multiple locations. It alerts the caterers in each location if arrangements change, too, which reduces food waste – good for both costs and the environment.

In addition, the system handles vehicle parking arrangements and keeps an inventory of equipment like VC, so Amy never arrives at her meeting to find the necessary kit is missing.

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5. Checking out

Amy’s leaving the office early – for a change!

“I just scan the desk QR code to check out, so one of my colleagues can use the space I’ve vacated if they need it,” she says.

“I’ve had a really productive day at HQ, thanks to our agile booking system and the way it integrates with the collaboration tools and services I need.

“It’s been such a good day, I’m ready for tomorrow!”

Make every working day as perfect as Amy’s with an agile booking system