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We all know Millennials – people born from the eighties to early nineties  – as the generation who live on their mobile phones, love the Internet and latch onto all things digital.

They want their entire lives to be connected – particularly in the workplace – but their connectedness also makes them feel pressurised to be constantly available.

But what about the next generation – Generation Z? What happens when they come along and enter the workforce? Born between the mid-90s and early 2000s, Generation Z now make up 28.6 per cent of the world’s population.

Like Millennials, Generation Z expects a good work/life balance and are prepared to change jobs often to establish this lifestyle.  For employers and their staff, it’s crucial to find the right balance now, before Z-ers begin to revolutionise the workplace.

So what’s the secret of keeping this skittish but skilled generation of workers happy and working for you? It will take more than just a good salary…

The best way is by adopting technology to streamline your business, and putting best work practices is now to set the standard.  These include encouraging staff to check email less frequently, creating more focussed time for productivity and effective work without distraction.

You’ll also need to encourage older workers from Maturists through to Generation Y to embrace technology that will benefit the business and themselves.

The technologies that make the difference are those that enable workplace flexibility, making the most of employees’ valuable work time without demanding stressful always-on availability.

At NFS, we work with leading companies who are already investing in technology to create more flexible work places that respond to flexible and desk booking initiatives.

We provide the tools, including access on a mobile, to be able to book the most appropriate space based on tasks to be performed our technology supports better collaboration and in turn, improved productivity.

Our Rendezvous suite of workplace management software offers the toolset for booking and managing space with access to all generations, from outlook, from mobiles, from kiosks and from room and desk panels.

Younger workers love it, and longer-standing employees are easily convinced to use the technology thanks to its familiar interface with Microsoft Outlook.

The result? Happy workers of all generations, better work-life balance and greater staff retention. It’s a win-win that lays solid foundations for the talented and revolutionary arrival of Generation Z – and every business can benefit.

In looking forward, it is the combination of good design, great use of technology and an inclusive culture that will deliver high levels of productivity and most importantly, multi-generational collaboration.

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The infographic below details some of their predicted working habits:

Gen Z Corporate Characteristics