Is Your Workplace Ready for Gen Z? Why It’s Time for Better Room Scheduling Software

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In recent years, we have come to know Millennial colleagues very well – they’re the folks born in the Eighties who live the digital life to the full.

While they want everything in their lives, including their workplace, to be connected, that ‘always-on’ attitude is known to bring its own pressures.

So how much worse might it be for Generation Z, the newest kids on the block?

Born between the mid-90s and early 2000s, these vibrant young people make up nearly 30 per cent of the planet’s population – there are around 61m in the US alone.

Like Millennials they expect and demand a good work/life balance, but unlike restless Millennials, these talented young workers are more than happy to be persuaded to stay – if you can make your place a place they want to be.

Having grown up in a tumultuous time for economics and politics (they were only four when 9/11 occurred, and grew up during the Great Recessions) Gen Z-ers are incredibly focused on finding stable jobs.” – Forbes

Our workplaces are already changing to meet new needs from organizations and workers – see how the transformation is taking place.

And if you are an employer keen to avoid a constant talent drain, you need to find the right balance now, ready for Z-ers to revolutionize the place where you all work.

But guess what? It’s going to take more than offering a good salary…

So round about now, it’s time for your workplace to get a new room schedulerNo arguments.

Here are 5 great reasons why good room scheduling software makes a real difference to this tech-hungry generation

  • It supports desk booking, which underpins the work/life balance they need
  •  They can easily find and book workspace they need to do their job well, via an app
  •  They enjoy perfect meetings every time
  •  They collaborate better for innovation and team spirit
  •  Tiresome manual admin tasks become a thing of the past.

1. Desk booking

Flexible working is great for employee wellbeing, giving people a feeling of control over their workload.

But when workers come into the office, if they struggle to quickly find the right space to do their work they get frustrated.

The result? Their productivity and job satisfaction both crash. Goodbye Gen Z talent…

Room scheduling software allows employees to find book their desk or meeting space before they even head into the office

2. Finding and booking workspace

For generations of workers who are hooked to their smartphones, room scheduling software offers an unrivalled ability to locate workspace and conference rooms on the go, and book them via an app linked to their Outlook calendar.

Room scheduling software also integrates with occupancy sensors, so space availability is shown in real time.

Workers can book in a single click, and also add resources and services such as video conferencing, AV and catering in the same transaction, even across time zones.

Here’s how you do it with Rendezvous room scheduling software:

  • Open the calendar
  • Click and select ‘new appointment’ at a time relevant to the main host
  • Choose ‘room booking solution’
  • Choose ‘multi-room booking’
  • Add unlimited locations as you need
  • Choose locations from the drop-down menu
  • Click ‘Find’
  • Click ‘free/busy’
  • See whether attendee and room availability in each location match
  • Select the rooms you want and click the book button
  •  Done – in just a couple of minutes.

3. Perfect meetings

When a meeting goes wrong, it’s frustrating and expensive – in the US, we hold 220 million meetings every month, costing over $300 in salaries alone.

Common issues include no-shows caused when details of a meeting change and no-one informs the attendees.

Room scheduling software wipes this risk out by making all the changes and automatically informing everyone – even the caterers.

4. Collaboration

You can’t get past meetings as a huge and valuable contributor to collaboration.

By making it easy for anyone to organize a meeting even in multiple locations across different time zones, room scheduling technology removes obstacles to using valuable collaborative tools such as video conferencing.

The result? Teams that come together no matter how physically far apart they are.

5. Manual admin

The room scheduling technology does all the boring stuff. It’s as simple at that.

Workers can forget about tedious, repetitive tasks and get on with their real job. And it doesn’t matter what generation they belong to, they’re going to love that.

So what about the pressure of being ‘always-on’?

You can deal with that. The best way is by using the room scheduling software to streamline your business, but with rules in place – limit how often they check their work app, say.

And let’s not forget all those other hardworking generations doing their best for your organization.

Encourage uptake of the technology that benefits your business and themselves by choosing workplace management software that’s intuitive, easy to use, and which integrates fully to connect your workplace.

It’s there to make their jobs easier, not more complicated – right?

Get your room scheduling software right and you’ll see happy workers of all generations pulling together effortlessly.

They’ll enjoy better work-life balance in an environment that makes it easy for them to work, and they’ll feel less likely to go looking for another job.

In return, you get ROI on your workspace management technology with better productivity, worker engagement and reduced employee churn and training costs.

It’s a win-win-win that’s already laying solid foundations for the talented and revolutionary contribution of Generation Z to the world of work – and every business can benefit.

It’s time for a better room scheduler – start today