Keeping Up With Workspace Technology Trends in 2019 With Rendezvous

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If you had to put a value on your workplace, what would it be? We’re not talking about cost here – that’s fairly easy to identify – but more about what it actually brings to your party.

The publisher of Work Design Magazine, Bob Fox, asked the question recently when setting out his five trends for the workplace in 2019.

He knows one of the most valuable elements your workplace can deliver is a great working environment – a space where your employees can get on with their work easily and feel good about it.

Bob’s top workplace trends for 2019 are:

1. Wellbeing – improving the health of the workforce
2. Co-working – sharing workspace with other companies
3. AI enabled technology – still developing
4. Metrics – how we measure space and its utilization
5. The open plan space debate – is it productive or counter-productive?
6. As providers of the Rendezvous system, a leader in workspace scheduling and booking, we wouldn’t disagree with any of these, and we’re sure you wouldn’t, either.

They’re all important trends shaping and reflecting the way we work. Above all, though, they all impact how your people feel about the place they come to do their work.

That affects how likely they are to stay with you, how productive they are, how well they collaborate and – the bottom line – how much they contribute to your business.

The way we work has evolved dramatically over the last few years, thanks to the rise of desk booking.

Forbes reported that even in 2017, 11% of US workers described themselves as agile, with 39% of ‘permanent’ workers saying they’d take a more agile role in future.

The impact on our workspaces is huge. Many companies (maybe yours?) are downsizing their space because employees often work outside the office.

Companies are reconfiguring what’s left with more flexible drop-in desks and informal or multi-purpose meeting spaces – even moveable walls.

At NFS, we know that when you’re choosing a workplace management system to efficiently organize your company’s whole way of working, you’ve got to get software that keeps up with these trends.

So we gather input from our many corporate customers to evolve the Rendezvous system constantly.

For example, they confirm for us that employees feel better when they have a sense of control over their working life.

Workers lucky enough to have access to the Rendezvous system have easy way to find and book space or desk you need to work, even down to details such as locating a quiet place.

That helps to deal with the ongoing debate about the pros and cons of open plan space…

And because workers are mobile these days, so is the Rendezvous system – you can set up an app on your smartphone that gives total access to its mobile platform, linked to Outlook.

Integration is a key trend to add to Bob’s list; we make sure the Rendezvous system stays ‘hardware agnostic’ so it can blend seamlessly with a client’s existing systems.

We take this forward by selecting key partners who bring specialist technology and functionality by integrating with our system.

For example, we’ve just announced a new collaboration with our long-term digital signage partners Crestron to integrate with their latest highly-advanced scheduling screens.

We’ve made the Rendezvous system available as a cloud option to keep deployment costs low, and added integration with occupancy sensors to provide the utilization metrics that inform good decision-making.

So like you, we’ll be keeping our eye on how those workspace trends keep on developing in 2019, and way beyond.

Watch this space – and keep an eye on how the Rendezvous system is continuing to evolve to cater to the changes that matter to you and your workforce.

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