NFS goes for gold with Microsoft Accreditation

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The award of a Microsoft Gold Partnership is a win-win for both staff and clients alike of NFS Technology. For staff it means that, using Microsoft’s core technology, they have proof of their hard work in developing a compliant application deployed and managed in both the client’s environment and in a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. For clients it means a solution that’s faster to deploy, with a level of confidence in making room scheduling easier to manage and maintain.

NFS was awarded the Gold Partnership for Rendezvous Workspace, meeting room and resource management software built around the latest Microsoft technology. It provides the ability to offer an industry standard platform that’s easy and cost effective to maintain, allowing NFS to offer a robust Cloud-based solution around Microsoft’s Azure platform.

As a Microsoft Partner, NFS enjoys core benefits that save time and money while strengthening capabilities. It enables the company to offer better service to customers and to build connections to reach full business potential. Also, more flexibility and the ability to future-proof investment comes from having Rendezvous Workspace certified across a range of Microsoft databases and operating systems.

To gain the Partnership, NFS demonstrated that Rendezvous Workspace had been tested and certified for the Windows 2012 Platform, with staff displaying their Microsoft product skills. A client satisfaction survey validated the quality of NFS products, and client references were gathered for projects that used the Microsoft platform.

NFS Chief Executive Officer Luis De Souza comments: “Many of our large corporation clients are moving down the self service route for booking resources, meeting rooms and other flexible spaces. For them, the Rendezvous software can be deployed in the most efficient manner, taking full advantage of Outlook, Exchange and other Microsoft technology available for the latest generation of tablets. After many years that have seen a successful relationship with Microsoft, we are proud to have now achieved this Gold Partnership.”