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Companies are faced with the challenge of preparing their workers to get back to the workplace. After working from home for almost two years, employees may question the need for in-person work and expect more flexible working methods. In this article, we will explore how hybrid working is a boon to employees and employers alike and the steps your company can take to transition smoothly to a modern, agile, and flexible workplace.

Reasons To Adopt Hybrid Working

A recently published article in Forbes explained why most workers prefer the hybrid working model to the pre-pandemic, traditional work model. Ever since people adapted to the hybrid working method, companies have seen a significant drop in extended breaks and unexpected days off. It has also resulted in a surge in employee productivity and motivation. One of the reasons why most companies (especially those with young employees), choose the hybrid model is flexibility. In a hybrid model, employees are at liberty to divide their time between working remotely and in the office. They also have more time to balance their personal and professional life.

Establish Occupancy Limits

It is essential to manage the capacity of employees at the office, especially in a post-pandemic world where many organizations have embraced hybrid working models. As a facilities manager or HR executive, you would need to set up the maximum occupancy limit to ensure that social distancing is maintained and the office layout is such that all team members can work efficiently. Limits can be set for the whole office, as well as at different employee levels. When using one of the best hot desk booking software in 2021, you can automatically set this up and get notifications via email, chat, and more.

Embrace Advance Booking Of Desks And Rooms

A hybrid working environment can be enhanced with the help of hot desking. This practice involves allocating desk spaces as needed by employees. When you opt for the best hot desk booking software in 2021, it will refine and streamline the booking process. Let your employees book their desk or meeting room in advance. This results in efficient capacity management and also encourages collaboration between team members.

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Social Distancing Layout

Social distancing measures will be required for the foreseeable future. Creating a social distancing layout with buffer zones between cabins and tables is essential to ensure that your employees are appropriately distanced from their colleagues at work. The best hot desk
booking software in 2021 has features such as digital signage, real-time monitoring of workspace occupancy, and data reports of space utilisation. These can help you devise an optimal layout that safeguards your employees.

Why Choose Rendezvous?

According to a study conducted by the BBC, employment experts foresee that there will be a 60:40 split of hybrid and traditional working methods across the world in the next ten years. Rendezvous, one of the best hot desk booking software in 2021, enables your employees to work in a manner that meets their needs and safety standards. It also helps your organisation adapt to a hybrid working space with immediate flexibility and safety.

Meet the best hot desk booking software in 2021 and create a hybrid working environment for your employees who can now book a desk space in the matter of a few clicks. Rendezvous is easy to use, works on mobile, uses sensor technology for real-time data, and more. Offer your employees the ultimate hot desk booking experience. Request a demo now.