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Visitor Management Software: Don’t let the technology take over!

Luis De Souzaby on September 16, 2014

Visitor Management Software: What does that mean to you? In its simplest terms it means the way visitors to and from your organization check in and check out. But these days, thanks to the latest technology, there’s more to it than that. As technology evolves and changes, what began as a simple Visitor Management system starts to take on the functions of building security and access control.

Visitors arrive at your business. They are expected and ID badges have already been pre-printed for them. They are checked in, the system knows what facilities they will require during their visit. And it can track them around the building during their visit. In some circumstances, it doesn’t even require the presence of a human receptionist

Visitor data is captured and held, security is improved, costs are reduced. It’s all a long way removed from the smiling receptionist with a simple visitor book and pen.

And that is one of the problems. As visitor management software technology becomes more sophisticated and easier to use, what is the cost to your organization? Are you trading efficiency for less personal contact and an undifferentiated experience? Is the technology becoming too clever for its own good, making your visitors feel less human and more like items to be processed?

NFS Technology Group are major suppliers of visitor management software world-wide. They are enthusiastic to spread the word about how to embrace the technology without allowing it to completely take over. To address these issues and more, NFS have introduced a new series of three White Papers on Visitor Management.

Part 1, The Traditional Model is available now. Download it here.

Luis De Souza

Luis De Souza

Chief Executive Officer

Luis Desouza is CEO of NFS Technology Group. He has a proven track record in providing solutions for major international corporates, law firms, hospitality operators and venues. Luis takes a keen interest in technological trends and how they can be applied to space utilisation and improving occupancy and uses this vision to drive the development of our solutions.

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