Loving Millennials in the workplace? Now get ready for the Centennials

Workplaces around the world have spent a lot of effort in the last couple of years getting used to Millennials – digital-savvy workers born in the 1980s and after. They love flexible working, they like to move on in their careers and they absolutely adore technology, so Millennials are a genuine force to be reckoned

My perfect meeting – 10 questions you need to ask your busy team

An awesome 220 million meetings are held every month in the US at an average salary cost of $338 per meeting, according to recent figures. But the same survey – by decision-making platform Attentiv – showed that employees feel a third of all the time spent in those meetings is wasted. Do the math…that’s a lot of

Office rents are rising and skills are short – can technology keep Australian businesses ahead of the game?

Finding and keeping talent has always been a big issue for Australian business owners – but these days there’s an urgency about it that we’ve not seen before. What’s to blame? Partly economic success, which is creating a serious skills shortage as demand for higher-skilled workers grows in industries including IT, engineering, financial and professional

The impact of workplace design on the user experience

The perfect workplace is planned with well-organized furniture (design) and state-of-the-art functionality (technology) to co-exist while promoting productivity, mobility, collaboration and efficiency. Wait – does this actually exist in the modern workplace? No matter where you work – corporate offices, law firms or educational facilities — chances are your workplace is not planned for these

5 reasons why togetherness will rule the workplace in 2017

In 2017, it’s unlikely, or against the odds, for the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series a second year in a row especially after a 100 year hiatus. And I’m also not betting on Elvis impersonators disappearing from the Las Vegas strip anytime soon. But the most unlikely things have been happening since 2016,

The connected toolkit that works magic on productivity

How’s your job productivity? Has it slowed down somewhat? You’re not alone – a shocking new survey has revealed that a quarter of employees say their productivity is actually reduced by an uncooperative workplace. But it could be a whole different story for you. We have clients all over the world, and in our experience,

Mixing it up with the generations at work – our videos show how you can succeed

I must read a new article almost every day about millennials – but I’m not surprised. This lively group of young folk, born after 1980, is impacting significantly on everything from retail to hospitality and the workplace. That means whether you run an office, hotel or store, you’ve already had take notice of them. They really

Taming Big Brother in the Workspace

I’ve been talking with a number of larger companies recently about the technologies and HR issues surrounding their desire to want to track where their employees are. Their reasons range from security to productivity to space planning. The ability to know where people are at all times feels like one of those “wouldn’t it be

Are you a new-age Luddite – and is it cutting into your profits?

When the Industrial Revolution hit the UK, weavers known as Luddites smashed the machines they thought would put them out of work. But is there a modern day Luddite lurking in your office – and is it you? Be bold and ask yourself these questions: 1) Do you have younger people working for you? 2)

Is your business suffering from the 5 hidden costs of space?

When it comes to the overheads in your business, many are right in plain view – labor costs, for instance, and materials. But I hear from too many businesses who are somehow losing money every month, and struggling to see just where the cash is slipping away. So what’s the secret? Listen up. Many hidden costs

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