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Rendezvous Scheduling Software Solution for Corporate Organizations

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Whatever the size of your organization, the key meeting room scheduling needs are much the same:

  • Scheduling Software to ensure client meetings, project meetings, training, etc. are scheduled and carried out successfully
  • Versatile scheduling organized in one building, or across multiple properties
  • Ability to span several time zones
  • Consideration of not only the room, but also the resources and attendees

Here’s how Rendezvous’ Scheduling Software approach to room scheduling helps you pull all this together.

Scheduling Space

  • Fast identification of an appropriate and available room
  • A means to identify the ideal space based on requirements like room type, layout, and capacity
  • A solution designed to prevent double booking

Resource Scheduling

  • Management of resources such as audio visual (AV), catering, video conferencing and telepresence equipment and furniture
  • Arming of AV technicians, foodservice staff and setup crews with the right information to make deliveries

Video Conferencing and Telepresence

  • Book video conferencing between multiple offices and across different time zones
  • Reduced need to travel

Department Chargeback Codes

  • Department code tracking and validation
  • Enables accurate charging back between departments

Outlook Integration

  • Tight integration with Outlook and communication to other email systems
  • Booking rooms and resources, and sending out invitations easily


  • Self-service module to integrate with corporate intranets
  • Simple for employees to schedule meeting rooms, hot-desks, catering, and other resources

Meeting Change Notification

  • Automatic notifications to mobile devices
  • Service providers kept informed with up-to-the-minute changes

Configurable Workflow

  • Configuration of request/approve processes and other workflows
  • Support for user permissions, layered security, booking rules and other configurable feature sets

Management Reports

  • Contains more than 150 standard reports, plus a Query Tool and other reporting options for day-to-day operational and utilization information

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