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The workplace is changing with more emphasis being placed on remote working, leading to changing patterns of office configuration driven by factors, such as:

  • improving the quality of employees’ work-life balance
  • increase in costs of real estate

Rendezvous Workspace Desk Booking is a leading software solution that transforms the way your staff book hot desks and workspaces. With seamless integration with mobile devices and Outlook along with desk utilization monitoring and optimization, you can save time and efficiently utilize your valuable space.

With Rendezvous Workspace Desk Booking software, you’ll be able to …

Book with ease using Outlook

Find a workspace easily with the floorplan

Seamlessly schedule video conferencing calls

Support all agile working styles

Benefit from mobile and cloud-supported applications

And so much more.

All in one simple tool

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What Clients Are Saying

Leon James

HR & IT Manager, Investec

We have used Rendezvous very successfully at our locations in South Africa and we are now rolling out to the UK. A great tool to maximise the use of our space.

We are delighted to be working with NFS to roll out their Rendezvous solution for meeting room and space management. We have worked closely with NFS to tailor the Rendezvous solution to the needs of Centrica and have been delighted with the flexibility and responsiveness of NFS.