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Desk booking is on an unstoppable rise, with up to 70% of employees now estimated to have access to it. 

Rendezvous desk booking software puts control at the fingertips of your workers when they are getting ready to come into the office – quite literally, via an app on their smartphone or tablet.

Our floorplan feature makes it easy for them to find a desk and the colleague search means they can easily find their co-workers – great for collaborative projects.

Rendezvous offers you the choice of a native app or QuickBook, designed by NFS to provide a powerful desk booking solution that is fully integrated with existing platforms including Outlook Exchange and Office 365 so that your calendar is always in sync.

The solution is also integrated with a number of hardware platforms such as desk panels, wayfinding solutions and QR code readers.

We also offer a sensor-based booking experience – select a space and simply check-in and out automatically – it couldn’t be easier. The real-time floorplan enables your workers to easily pinpoint where they want to work.

Key Features

Easy to book

Book a desk using our intuitive app – now with floorplan booking


Can be integrated with a number of wayfinding solutions to guide your staff to where they need to be.

Colleague Search

Join your team members quickly and start collaborating


Real-time desk availability fully integrated with wayfinding and floorplan

A range of desk panel hardware

A wide choice of solutions is available to meet your budget and preferences

QR Code Integration

Check in/out seamlessly using this inexpensive desk management option


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With a workspace management system like Rendezvous you can find and book the meeting room or desk via an app on your phone, checking in with a QR code.

Rendezvous workspace scheduling technology is ideal for hot desking – you can locate and book your desk or meeting room with an app on your phone, checking in with a QR code

With the help of workspace scheduling technology like Rendezvous by NFS, your agile workers can locate and book their desk or meeting room using an app on their phone, checking in with a QR code when they arrive.

Your agile workforce can use workspace scheduling technology like Rendezvous by NFS to spot and book the desk they need through an app on their phone. Unclaimed desks are automatically released to be booked again.

Workspace booking technology like Rendezvous Workspace by NFS gives your agile workforce booking capabilities through an app, and issues useful real-time reports into actual workspace and desk utilization.

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