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The easy to use, flexible and affordable solution for
meeting room and workspace management

Manage rooms, desks, hospitality, visitors, VC and other services seamlessly
Choose from a wide range of panel/digital signage options
Powerful functionality to drive better space use and deliver real time reporting
Mobile ready for agile working
Exchange and Office 365 integrated.

Why choose Rendezvous meeting room management software?

Get the best in meeting room booking and space scheduling software?

Real estate is a major cost for businesses – and Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software offers organisations of all sizes the perfect tool to maximise the way they use their workspace, from meeting rooms to flexible spaces, desks and car parking. Rendezvous gives staff a real-time view of available workspace, which means they can easily book space using a mobile device or kiosk, ensuring the best use of time.

For managing events, Rendezvous provides the perfect organising and scheduling package, with seamless Outlook integration, cost capture for chargeback, visitor handling as well as the management of all services like catering and audio visual.

Rendezvous also deals with multi resource (rooms and desks) as well as multi property management as part of a single meeting or event. Integration with many other enterprise level systems (security, digital signage, and accounting) can be undertaken easily using the Rendezvous API. And for clients seeking a fully managed solution, the Rendezvous Cloud is the ideal platform, cost effective and fast to deploy, without the burden of any IT support.

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Room Booking
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Integrated Room Screens
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Improved scheduling efficiency and ease of booking process
Reduce the amount of wasted workspace
Tools to support an evolving agile working policy and mobile workforce
An accurate audit of workspace

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