Hotelling and Hot Desk Management

Save Time. Reduce Costs. Streamline Operations.
Increase Productivity. Improve Employee Satisfaction. With Mobile Scheduling Software.

Hoteling – sometimes referred to as hot-desking, flexible workspace, alternative workspace or shared workspace – is becoming ever more popular, for two main reasons:

1. The cost of corporate property is the second highest corporate expense after payroll. Shrinking the corporate property portfolio can literally save companies millions of dollars.

2. Offering flexible working arrangements to your employee base can be a real competitive advantage if your business is trying to attract and retain top talent.

Companies hoping to reduce real estate costs, and those organizations with mobile workforces or flexible working arrangements, must find ways to implement and manage hoteling operations to support these goals and efforts.

Rendezvous Workspace hoteling and mobile scheduling software offers tremendous flexibility and scalability, allowing companies to manage all of their hoteling or flexible workspace as well as all of their meeting, training & event space and all types of resources.Rendezvous Workspace provides the right infrastructure to support and enhance all scheduling initiatives, helping clients save time, reduce costs, streamline operations, increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction.

A Host Of Applications

Rendezvous Workspace mobile scheduling software is able to support various types of hoteling scenarios, with many different types of employee situations:

  • Part-time employees who could share office space.
  • Telecommuters who may work from home some days and work from the office on other days.
  • On-premise mobile staff who work in the office all or most of the time, but travel between buildings and sites and still need office space.
  • Off-premise mobile staff, such as sales reps, consultants and trainers who may work away from the office a large portion of the time, but occasionally require office space, either at their ‘home sites’ or at field offices.
  • Short-term hoteling for staff who are temporarily working from an office space for several days or a week or two.
  • Long-term hoteling for staff temporarily working from an office space for several weeks or even months.

Regardless of what type of hoteling and flexible working environment you require, the Rendezvous Workspace mobile scheduling software can manage it all, providing your employees with a quick and easy way to find and reserve office space, while keeping your management team informed and able to make the smartest decisions.

What Else Can Rendezvous Scheduling Software Do For The Flexible Workspace?

The software is extremely flexible and configurable, allowing your organization to tailor the entire booking process to your own preferred methods; those which are best suited to your scheduling environment and the most user-friendly for your employees.

Rendezvous Workspace mobile scheduling software manages the check-in/check-out process seamlessly, tracking all the necessary data for detailed management and utilisation reports. It also supports floorplan integration and way-finding, as well as kiosk integration.

The mobile scheduling software solution provides your management team with all the tools needed to understand exactly how your office space is being utilised and how you can shrink and optimise your property footprint.

Backing Your Green Initiatives

There is also a significant green aspect to hoteling, benefiting both the organisation and the environment. By reducing the amount of office space you have to maintain, heat and cool, and by reducing the number of employees who must commute to work every day, you are reducing your company’s overall carbon footprint. Fewer cars on the road, less traffic, reduced energy consumption and reducing new building construction all help sustain a healthy environment.

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