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Thank you for your interest in a Rendezvous Demo. 

This is really simple, and can be arranged at a time convenient to you. We will send you a link to a web meeting, which you can join from your office or home.

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We look to spend a few moments doing a discovery session, covering your needs and scheduling challenges and then show you in around 30 minutes how Rendezvous can help you to tackle many challenges related to meeting room and desk booking, for example:

  1. Making a room or desk booking directly from Outlook, using a very simple process, which includes, scheduling rooms, desks, car parking, catering and AV,  all as a single booking, saving time for the booker and reception or the booking team
  2. Creating a multi-location meeting, including handling different time zones and VC integration, in just 3 clicks!
  3. Handling the frequent changes in meeting needs( Catering, AV, Services) using automated notifications to service providers, to ensure nothing is missed in arranging an important meeting
  4. Dealing with Visitors in an efficient  manner, including badge printing and host notification, leaving a great impression while dealing with security and any special visitor needs
  5. Looking at how utilisation and meeting reporting can help you deal with frequent challenges like “No Shows” and inappropriate use of space
  6. Gaining a good handle on meeting costs and service provider charging, ensuring waste is minimised and the right hosts/departments pick up relevant costs.

These are some of the topics we normally cover during our software overview Demo, but please let us know, by completing the comments section below, what you would like to see and what business problems you are looking to solve with a room/desk booking solution.


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