The Future Workplace Soars to New Levels above Times Square


The Future Workplace Soars to New Levels above Times Square

New York, NY, November 7, 2017 – NFS Technology, one of the leading international providers of workspace technology, hosted an event for partners and clients with a focus on “The Future of the Workplace.”

Luis De Sousa, CEO, NFS Technology, led the discussion at the Blu Fin restaurant at Times Square in NYC. He began with acknowledging the strong recognition of the rapidly changing workplace.  Luis pointed out that flexible working is a challenge both because of the type of space people have today and the culture – a comfort level of one fixed desk per person in one location is hard to relinquish.

Luis explained how clients are now accepting the capabilities of a digital technology platform to locate and book space and use in an appropriate way. This new workplace technology is creating a high level of productivity.

A significant element of the discussion was how digital technology can provide greater levels of productivity if the workplace is well connected.

Brian Hughes, Sales Manager, North America, ONELAN, suggested, “Digital technology platforms that integrate with room scheduling and provide a great user experience potentially offer the best approach to achieving high user adoption.”

One of the participants, a CIO of a leading US law firm commented that the legal world is conservative and depends on white glove services in key areas like catering, visitor management and audio/visual support.

Natalie Appleton, VP Americas, NFS Technology, mentioned, “Creating the right user experience to suit multi-generations in the workplace is highly important.”

Luis observed looking forward, the key drivers for success in the future workplace are likely to be:

1) Integrating scheduling with other digital technology like signage.

2) Providing a user experience including mobile devices that encourage high adoption for users like Millennials.

3) While flexible working many not be moving at the same pace in every industry, one trend is clear that space in the future will need to support different workstyles for collaboration for maximum productivity.

As a bystander of the discussion I was encouraged by the level of different perspectives on the future of the workplace.  So much so that another similar event will be scheduled soon. Stay tuned…

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