Resource Scheduling Software

Are you able to manage your resources the way you want to?

Today’s workforce is highly mobile, and demands easy access to the right workspace and equipment, from meeting rooms to desks and collaborative spaces.

Fail to provide it, and productivity and staff satisfaction will both fall. But Rendezvous resource scheduling software can help you get it exactly right – every time.

Resource scheduling software can provide your staff with the ability to book the space they need to work effortlessly online – even before they come in to the office.

And they can book important equipment, too, such as AV or videoconferencing, at the same time – plus services such as catering if they are expecting guests.

It all adds up to a smoother work experience that keeps staff happy in their jobs, reduces the cost of unused space (rents rose by 7.7% in London in 2015), and pays dividends when it comes to boosting productivity in the workplace.

Rendezvous resource scheduling software gives you:

  • Easy online self-service space booking for staff – even before they get into the office
  • Real time display that shows where space is available
  • Simple booking of facilities including video conferencing, AV, IT and catering
  • Better retention of satisfied staff
  • Comprehensive reporting captured by our hoteling software on how your resources are being utilized
  • Great data that helps you make informed decisions

Discover how resource scheduling software could transform your business today – contact our experts

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