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    Introducing our expert team of panelists:

    Luis De Souza

    Luis is CEO of NFS Technology, an international provider of workplace management solutions.

    Brian Margerison

    Brian Margerison is the Director of NFS Technology for the
    APAC region.

    Employee experience is a number priority for many organisations. Our latest webinar will demonstrate how technology can create a productive environement for your staff while at the same time provide a great visitor experience for clients and VIP guests.

    Our 35-minute webinar will provide:
    • An up-to-date insight on the latest research and trends on employee experience and how it drives results
    • An overview of how a workplace experience application will create a seamless experience for employees and VIP guests
    • We will conclude with a checklist of the approach and actions you need to take to create your “Perfect“ workplace in 2024.

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