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streamlined experience

A streamlined experience

Rendezvous Workspace is the effortlessly efficient solution for booking and managing meeting rooms and desks. Seamless integration exists with digital signage, desk panels and sensors.

With instant syncing between the digital signage and Rendezvous Workspace, staff and visitors alike can see at a glance when a room is available, booked or busy and thanks to our auto-bump feature, staff can book a newly available room from a mobile app or straight from the touchscreen itself. Ghost meetings and no shows become a thing of the past.

Rendezvous Workspace integrates with desk panel solutions to provide an ingenious solution to desk availability and check in/out. Staff can easily see whether a desk is free or busy. Check in/out is swift – tap the desk panel with an RFID card or scan a QR code or in app.

Our digital signage integration enhances your meetings while also saving time and increasing productivity for your hybrid team.

Key benefits

Room availability status at a glance - Intuitive color-coding shows room availability at a glance – even from a distance. Easily check to see if a room is occupied, booked or available.

Flexible booking - If a room is free you can book it in seconds using Rendezvous Workspaces’ intuitive touch interface straight from the screen. You can even use the panels to extend the meeting duration.

Improved space utilization - No shows are no problem. Auto bump rules mean a room can be made available and booked via the signage so space never gets wasted.

Eliminate booking conflicts - Double bookings become a thing of the past while attendees can see clearly where they need to be. Outlook integration ensures everyone is kept in the loop if anything changes.

Improved productivity - Staff check in to their desk using an RFID card or QR code for an easy touch free experience.

A great visitor experience - Visitors see at a glance where they need to be and thanks to Outlook integration any meeting changes are communicated seamlessly.

Enhance your meetings - Order refreshments or audio visual assistance using the in room panels – a message will be sent directly to the service team. Videoconference integration enables Teams and Zoom to be started at the touch of a panel.

Customizable to your organization - Easily add you brand and company logos to the signage and even send corporate communications on the screen.

Sustainable - No need to print paper schedules and with the new breed of signage they can be used for months without a recharge.

The choice is yours

We work with several selected strategic partners to provide the tailored desk and room signage solution for you. Thanks to our open API we can even provide a custom solution.

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