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You want your staff to work always at their best productivity, whether from a hot desk or on a Zoom call – and technology helps with great scheduling.

For productivity and stress-free organization you need:

  • Desk booking software
  • Meeting room booking software
  • Intuitive mobile apps in room scheduling software
  • Integration with technologies like AV and sensors

Transform your workplace with Rendezvous integrated digital technology

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    Minimize time spent on scheduling

    Rendezvous agile booking technology is simple to use, with full integration to calendar apps like Outlook. Agile staff book rooms and desks quickly from their mobile devices – then get on with the rest of their day.

    Sensor technology makes it even easier – they just select a desk from a digital sign and walk up to it. The easiest check in process ever.

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    Success Story - Why a leading research company chose Rendezvous for agile working

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