Digital transformation workplace, Advance meeting room booking tech

  • reduce operating costs
  • create a better working environment
  • deliver a great experience for clients and visitors.

A badly-connected workplace, on the other hand, can suffer high costs, redundant technology, poor ROI and worst of all, create a bad user experience that means the technology is not even used as planned.

Consider these 5 critical points when choosing partners:


Avoid closed architectures where critical elements of the solution are
controlled by a single vendor


Ensure the technology provider has a robust API and is willing to make
this available to partners involved in the project


Make sure all partners are committed to enhance the API if necessary for current and future business and operational requirements — this may need to be funded


To future proof the overall solution, make sure key parties in the solution have a partner-centric reputation – ask for proof


Don’t be swayed by: “This could be done in the future”. If there’s no “gateway” into the solution or data, it will simply not happen.

Above all, make sure you select a provider who embraces the consultative
approach – in fact, a trusted advisor rather than just a provider.

Luis De Souza

Luis De Souza

Chief Executive Officer

Luis Desouza is CEO of NFS Technology. He has a proven track record in providing solutions for major international corporates, law firms, hospitality operators and venues. Luis takes a keen interest in technological trends and how they can be applied to space utilisation and improving occupancy and uses this vision to drive the development of our solutions.