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The cost of real estate is rising all over the world, and desk booking is changing the way we use workspace dramatically.

You need to be sure you aren’t overspending on floorspace. But tracking exactly how your working environment is being utilized can be tricky, particularly across a multi-location organization.

By integrating with the latest room and desk occupancy sensors, Rendezvous gives you an end-to-end view of use in real time, and comprehensive reports put data at your fingertips so you can make sound decisions going forward.

Make sure your workers have the right type of space to suit their activities – at the right cost to your business.

Discover why it makes sense to connect your workplace

Rendezvous space utilization technology brings you:

Desk and space occupancy sensors are a fantastic way to see how space is being utilized, and to help workers locate a desk or meeting space – available space is displayed graphically in real time.

Occupancy sensors

Real-time data



Audit information

Usage alerts

Technical features

Make sure your space is being well-used – Rendezvous provides custom alerts is space if being under or over-utilized, and our sensors have robust three-year batteries so you just set and forget

Usage alerts

Real-time data


Audit information

HVAC integration

Key features

Make informed decisions when planning your workspace

Rendezvous never sleeps when it comes to collecting robust data, so you can be sure that you have a constant real-time view of how your workspace is being utilized. The system also provides a wide range of reports – including custom – so you can audit and plan with complete confidence.

Seamless integration

Rendezvous’ advanced API means it integrates seamlessly with leading technologies such as occupancy sensors, access control and digital signage ensuring rapid deployment at a sustainable cost.

Everything at a glance

Our mobile app is extremely user-friendly, so your employees can be up and running on it quickly, using it to locate and book the meeting room and desk space they need, even across multiple locations and time zones

All the equipment and resources you need

Need video conferencing, AV or even catering at your meeting? No problem – with Rendezvous, you book it easily at the same time as you book your meeting room

Eliminate no shows

Get your meeting attendees – including external visitors – where they need to be. Rendezvous integrates with digital signage to make sure everyone can find the right place easily


Don’t delay – discover more today about how easy it is to find and book space for the perfect meeting with Rendezvous technology! Download our easy-to-read brochure now.


Case study

What’s more important for a corporate organization or law firm than holding great client meetings? Rendezvous is the solution that makes meetings effortlessly perfect every time.

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