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Get an accurate picture of usage – in real time

With our sensor technology you can wave goodbye to inaccuracy. Our sensors tell you exactly how much your real estate is being utilized.

Space Utilization / Sensor Technology

The benefits of our space utilization software

Real time usage data

Real time usage data

Using our advanced sensor technology, you can pinpoint accurately how your space is being used or, indeed, not used. Inaccurate and biased manual surveys are consigned to the trash.


Easy to use

An attractive dashboard enables you to quickly analyse usage patterns and the floorplan shows graphically where the available spaces are.

Reduced no shows

Reduced no shows

Based on your business rules, space and desks can be automatically re-allocated when you have a “no-show”. For example, a desk can be reallocated if it has been unoccupied for 2 hours.

Our solution delivers:

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Boosted productivity

Flexible workers can quickly see when a room or desk is available on the floorplan. Time is saved in having to look for a workspace and teams can find a collaborative area easily – the solution will even prompt the user should they need, say, a quiet space for concentration.

Given that the average employee spends 27 hours a year looking for the right space to work – this time saving translates to a major cost saving too.

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Powerful data analytics

The system aggregates all the data from the sensor technology – whether that is monitoring desks, meeting rooms or social spaces. Using this data, it is possible to model and predict the future space requirements.

For example, using this data you to deliver 10% in space savings you can delay future office moves and expansions or, similarly, looking at usage patterns you may choose to just reconfigure the existing space for more flexible working patterns.

Check our recent whitepaper “The Hidden Costs of Wasted Space” to discover strategies to improve productivity and increase real estate ROI.

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Custom alerts

The system can send management an alert when space usage goes above or below user defined levels.

One of the great features of the solution is that it can release a space automatically at end of use to the next employee who requires it. This can often increase space utilization by around 30%.

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Robust hardware

Conducting manual audits of space utilization is inaccurate, time consuming and expensive. Thanks to our sensor technology this outmoded methodology is a thing of the past as you have a low cost solution that will last for years.

With robustness in mind, the battery life of the sensors is up to 3 years and they are easy to install and configure – literally set and forget.

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Support for agile working styles

The system provides enough granular data to even suggest how the office should be configured.

The solution has been designed to encourage users to choose the appropriate space to support agile working and not revert to bad utilization habits.

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Integration capability

Utilization of space is only one aspect that impacts on worker productivity.

Having the room set at the right temperature can have a significant effect on how well your staff work.

The solution integrates fully with HVAC systems and meeting room booking software such as Rendezvous.

Want to find out more?

In a typical organisation, only 40% of meeting space is used yet at the same time, paradoxically, all the meeting rooms are blocked out. This means a lot of expensive real estate sitting idle and hours of time wasted looking for meeting rooms and desks.

If you want to prevent this kind of situation arising in your business with the attendant rise in expenditure of real estate and loss of productivity, then contact us today and we will be happy to audit your space measurement and utilisation needs and to provide a solution.

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