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Want to control your operations better, streamline processes and make your business more efficient? Versatile Rendezvous technology by NFS provides the ideal solution for both workspace organizers and conference/venue organizers.

So which of these questions applies to you?

Q: I run a corporate business – how do I organize my workspace better and keep my workforce happy and collaborating well?

A: Rendezvous Workspace is the solution you need.

Q: I run a meeting venue or conference center – how can I improve my offering to clients and drive up business?

A: Rendezvous Events is the perfect solution for you.

Rendezvous – your fully-connected solution for efficient operations

Workplace management software

Make the most of your valuable workplace – you’ll book space and desks efficiently and organize perfect meetings effortlessly, even in multiple locations, via an easy-to-use app

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Rendezvous Events

Keep track of conference/venue rooms and spaces effortlessly without tedious paperwork, and take bookings easily – even online.

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