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From meeting rooms to hot desks to catering / AV and VC – Rendezvous is the solution which connects all the aspects of your workplace.

Meeting Room Booking Software

What are the main benefits of Rendezvous meeting room booking software?


Improved utilization of rooms and desks

“No shows” become a thing of the past and you can ensure that you won’t be wasting space with our advanced measurement tools – get the best ROI on your real estate investment.


Global meeting room management

Rest assured that wherever your staff are located they can expect a consistent meeting experience. The solution coordinates calendars across time zones, sends out meeting agendas and manages your VC experience.


Better staff productivity

Make sure that your company gets the best out of its staff – your colleagues will no longer waste working time looking for a desk or arranging catering.

Rendezvous delivers

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Outlook Integration

Our meeting room booking software is designed to work unobtrusively with your current ecosystem.

As many clients already use Outlook to manage their schedule it is only logical that we integrate fully so that your staff can quickly book rooms, arrange catering/AV and send out meeting agendas without having to interrupt their workflow.

Discover how a leading law firm are using Outlook booking to save time and money whilst improving scheduling efficiency.

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Mobile Bookings

With the phenomenal popularity of BYOD and flexible working, it is imperative that your staff can book meeting rooms and desks when they are away from the office and on their devices.

Rendezvous works with all the mobile platforms with an attractive user interface.

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Catering and Audio Visual

There is more to booking meetings than just booking a room. The ancillaries matter.

We ensure that all your meetings have the requisite catering and that your A/V is delivered on time with any last minute changes managed seamlessly.

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Digital Signage

With integration to all the major signage solutions, we ensure that your staff and clients know exactly where they need to go and what the room status is when they get there.

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Automated Notifications

Meeting attendees and service providers can be kept fully aware of any last minute changes – saving on time wastage and ensuring you get it right every time.

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Sounds interesting?

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you achieve the maximum utilisation of your meeting rooms and real estate.

Contact us today to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants who will be happy to discuss the benefits of our solution.

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