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Make organizing meetings truly easy with the help of Rendezvous’ meeting room booking software – and book space via an app on your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Rendezvous meeting room software puts the power to locate and book rooms in the palm of your hand. Even the most complex meetings – those requiring catering, car parking and videoconferencing facilities for example – can be arranged in one simple process with full integration with your Outlook Exchange or Office 365 calendar.Rendezvous meeting room booking software manages multi-location and multi time zone meetings with ease with full agenda management.



For remote meetings Rendezvous meeting room booking software integrates with a number of major video conferencing platforms such as Cisco TMS and we have recently introduced integration to Skype, Zoom and Teams. Whichever video conferencing platform you choose you will enjoy a well-managed service with full endpoint management.

The integration doesn’t stop there – our meeting room booking software integrates with leading digital signage, wayfinding and access control systems to ensure that you and your meeting attendees get to where they need to be quickly. Read the DLA Piper case study to see this in action for this major law firm.

The solution is a great time saver and reduces the number of meeting no shows significantly. With Rendezvous your team get a greatly simplified meeting room booking process and you get to achieve a great ROI thanks to improved space utilization. Check out this case study to see this in action at a major global utility – they have saved over $100,000 in three months.

Remote collaboration with meeting room software

Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software offers a number of ways to book meeting rooms including our web app, our mobile app and our QuickBook app. All of these meeting room management solutions offer an easy to use and fast way to book meeting rooms and resources. 

Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software offers a quick and easy yet feature-rich user experience. It’s a powerful meeting room booking solution working on multiple platforms with full Outlook Exchange and Office 365 integration.

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Booking a meeting room is as easy as booking an appointment in Outlook thanks to our fully integrated Scheduling Assistant. Alternatively, use our easy to use mobile and QuickBook room booking apps to book meeting rooms, AV/catering, car parking and a whole lot more!. Rendezvous is the best meeting room booking software to support your remote workforce as they collaborate together. Booking a multi-location meeting is greatly simplified and you can rest assured that the solution manages any time differences as well as ensuring that set-up, breakdown, catering/AV requests and VC end points are all managed so that you get the perfect meeting experience every time.

Our recently introduced Skype and Zoom integration gives your team even greater flexibility for remote collaboration. .This advanced meeting room software makes it simple to organize meetings with your project team, no matter where in the world they are, with an easy locate and book process via a meeting room booking app.

Meeting Room Software - Key Features

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Easy to Use

Book rooms instantly via a room booking app on your smartphone or tablet which is fully integrated with our leading meeting room software. Alternatively use our web app or our Outlook integration with the meeting room scheduling software to book rooms and resources effortlessly. Whichever solution you choose you get the same great benefits of an easy to use interface and significant time savings.

Simplified booking process

Thanks to Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software your team no longer need to stress over organizing meetings. With Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software, the pain of having to take care of arranging car parking, ordering A/V, ensuring that visitors have the required refreshments with their dietary needs taken care of and organizing meetings over multiple time zones is remedied with Rendezvous’ intuitive and powerful workflow.

Multi-time zone booking

Life can be complicated when you need to manage video conferences in multiple locations with multiple time zones as well having to manage attendee car parking,catering/AV and agenda management. Thanks to Rendezvous meeting room management software even the most detailed meeting can be managed effectively.Rendezvous meeting room management software checks availability across all locations, manages time differences, simplifies the ordering of resources and with Outlook integration ensures that all attendees are on the same page. Meetings which previously took hours to organize can be booked in under 15 minutes.

Catering and AV

Having a space to gather is only one part of the meeting experience. Increasingly,you need to ensure that the equipment required has been organized and that all refreshments have been ordered and that they are delivered at the right time. With our intuitive interface it is easy to organize AV and catering. Important details such as set-up and breakdown times are automatically diarized in the Rendezvous meeting room management software. The system also ensures that any changes are notified immediately to the appropriate service teams thus minimizing waste.

Wayfinding and Digital Signage Integration

Thanks to Rendezvous meeting room management software’s integration with digital signage and wayfinding you can guide your attendees where they need to be fast.We have partnered with a number of leading digital signage hardware providers and we can also provide custom integration if required. The integration also makes it easy for your staff to book available rooms on the fly.

Outlook and Office 365 Integration

Rendezvous meeting room management software is designed with integration in mind. As many organizations currently use Outlook for booking meetings and appointments it is only natural that Rendezvous would be tightly integrated with Outlook,Exchange and Office 365. Our Scheduling Assistant feature works from the Outlook calendar so that you can book meeting rooms without interrupting your workflow. Meetings booked through the apps and the Rendezvous online room booking system appear immediately on your Outlook calendar. Any changes are also kept in sync –no matter which of our meeting room management solutions.

Manage meetings on the move

Rendezvous offers a number of ways for your agile workers to book meeting rooms. Thanks to our QuickBook meeting room booking software app you can easily book yourself a meeting room at HQ whether you are working from home or on a client site or whether you are sitting in a coffee shop enjoying the free Wi-Fi. Our meeting room booking software apps work on all mobile devices to offer an easy to use and flexible online room booking system. 

As well as having an easy to follow booking process our mobile meeting room booking software apps are fully integrated with Outlook ensuring that you always kept up to date and saving you the need to rekey the booking into your calendar.

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Once you have booked you room, and any services like catering you require, you can get on with your day in the knowledge that your room is ready next time you are in HQ.

Watch the QuickBook video to see how easy it is to book a meeting room, a hot desk and catering/AV services. Want videoconferencing? You’ve got it and with full integration to Skype/Zoom/Teams as well as Outlook it could not be easier to organize as well as keeping all attendees in the loop.The solution is powerful and as the name suggests it makes the process of booking rooms and desks fast.

Everything you can do on the desktop you can do in QuickBook so it is not only great for agile workers it also provides a great solution for executive assistants and PAs who need to book multiple meetings – even the most complex multi-location and multi time zone meeting can be booked in a few minutes.

Check out a recent case study about a major healthcare trust who have adopted QuickBook as part of their drive to agile working to see how it has revolutionised the process of managing meeting rooms, lecture halls and hot desks.

Integration with your Outlook Exchange or Office 365 calendar

Our philosophy is that the Rendezvous room booking system should form part of a wider workplace ecosystem – a connected workplace. Our meeting room booking software integrates seamlessly with meeting room scheduling software a number of software packages and none are more important than Outlook.

Thanks to our tightly integrated Scheduling Assistant you can even book your meetings, and notify attendees, straight from the Outlook calendar. If you “live in Outlook”, the Rendezvous meeting room booking system really is the best solution for you as it works with your existing workflow with no disruption to your working day. Even booking catering and AV is a few mouse clicks away.


Want to change a meeting time? Just drag the meeting to an empty space and drop it in – all your attendees will be notified – super easy and a great time saver. For more complex meetings the meeting room booking solution will also manage agendas for your attendees – great for multi-location video conferences..As you can imagine, the learning curve with the Outlook integration is less steep than if your staff needed to learn a new booking system for meeting rooms. The Rendezvous meeting room reservation software works just as seamlessly with Outlook/Exchange as it does with Office 365.

Take a few moments to watch our video to see how Rendezvous meeting room reservation software enhances the Outlook booking experience in practice.

As most professionals’ use Outlook as their default calendaring tool it makes perfect sense that any meeting room booking made in the Rendezvous room booking system should also appear in your Outlook calendar immediately. Whether you use the QuickBook app or the desktop web app you can rest assure that your bookings will appear immediately on your calendar and your attendees’ calendar. The process works like clockwork.

Change management is built in. Any cancellations made to the booking in the room booking system will also be reflected in Outlook – removing the possibility of any “ghost” meetings – with the updates sent to attendees and service staff. Everyone is kept in the loop.

Integration with Wayfinding and Digital Signage

An increasingly important part of the connected workplace is that of digital signage and wayfinding. Based on our open API platform and strategic partnerships with many leading hardware platforms, the Rendezvous meeting room booking software is the ideal companion to any digital signage configuration. The Rendezvous booking system for meeting rooms puts leading digital signage at your fingertips. The meeting room booking software solution works with suppliers including ONELAN, Crestron, Harman AMX, Embrava and Evoko. 

Thanks to this integration between digital signage and the meeting room reservation software your attendees can easily find their way to the right meeting room and confusion about whether a room is occupied is easily alleviated. The digital signage is so well integrated with the Rendezvous meeting room booking software solution that your staff can book a room from the signage or extend a meeting straight from the touch-screen – another great time saver.

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Meeting Room Scheduling Software

The integration between the digital signage and the Rendezvous meeting room booking software is a weapon against one of the prime scourges of the modern workplace – the meeting no show. Thanks to the Rendezvous booking system for meeting rooms you can easily set business rules so that empty rooms can be booked straight from the signage for other staff if pre-booked attendees don’t appear within a certain time frame.

Thanks to this integration you can save the frustration of having expensive under-utilized real estate as well as possibly incurring additional expense on unnecessary external room bookings. See this case study about a major global utility to see how they saved money using our integrated meeting room management solutions, meeting room booking software app.

Another organization enjoying the benefits of the meeting room booking software are DLA Piper LLP. Thanks to the integration between Rendezvous and the Crestron room panels they can easily view a complete day’s calendar straight from the room panel as well as providing an inobtrusive way to check if a room is occupied. Read the case study to find out more.

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Meeting room booking software is a specialized software designed specifically to remove the complexity of booking meeting rooms and ancillary services such as catering, video conferencing and audio visual. 

Meeting room booking software streamlines the process of booking rooms, it enables staff to book video conference meetings across multiple time zones and it makes it impossible to double book a room. The process is far more time efficient than using, say, Outlook to book a room. 

Meeting room booking software gives facilities managers the room usage data they need to make future real estate decisions. A meeting room booking system eliminates meeting “no shows” and the inefficiency of double booking of rooms.

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