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Meetings: you need them – but you hate organizing them. We get that.

But what if it became incredibly simple to book the best meeting rooms every time, using meeting room booking software with a mobile app that takes away the strain?

Rendezvous meeting room software helps you find the space you need, book it and invite colleagues – even across multiple locations and time zones.

Feeling better about those meetings now? Read on…

How hybrid working means meetings will never be the same again

Collaboration space

With many workplaces now committed to flexible and remote working for staff, meeting rooms are being repurposed as collaboration and networking spaces with support from meeting room booking software. When your staff do come to the office, every moment needs to be productive.

Hybrid meetings

Everyone has become so accustomed to online meetings that they are now an embedded element of workplace culture. Today’s most successful meetings use video conference room booking software to enable in-person and online attendees to collaborate and contribute with equal ease.

Productivity and wellbeing

Workplace leaders are taking a more empathic and holistic approach to ensure their people are healthy and productive. Enabling great meetings with meeting room booking software contributed hugely to creating a highly-functioning and happy working environment.

Transform your workplace with Rendezvous integrated digital technology

Discover how Rendezvous meeting room booking software helps the return to the office

Check out the infographics below to find out how easy it is to plan even the busiest day in the office and how our video conference room booking software helps to create a great digital employee experience.

How RDZ meeting room booking system enhances your working environment

01You book meetings more easily

With our meeting room booking software you use an app on your mobile device to choose and book your ideal meeting spaces, even in multiple locations, using easy-to-view graphical floorplans.

You then invite your colleagues to the meeting in the same transaction, and also book catering, AV and video conferencing equipment at every location – even parking if you need it. There’s no need to contact each location, or send individual invitations – the meeting room booking system does it all.

It means Rendezvous video conference room booking software is ideal for creating hybrid working meetings where attendees are in person and virtual, which can be tricky if you are organizing them manually. Rendezvous also keeps an up to date inventory of equipment, so meetings never fail because it’s missing.

02Your notifications are automatic

If any details of the meeting change, the Rendezvous meeting room booking solution informs everyone automatically – If times or dates change, the meeting room software relieves the organizer of the burden of informing each attendee, emailing notifications to keep them up to date.

The system even communicates with the catering staff, which helps reduce food waste if numbers change, and with the cleaning teams who need to set up and take down the spaces for the meeting.

Rendezvous also puts automation to work to enhance your workspace utilization by automatically releasing meeting rooms back into availability if they are not used as booked.

Comprehensive reports and analytics produced by the meeting room software shows how space is being used across your estate, which allows workplace leaders to make well-supported planning decisions.

03Everything is integrated

Rendezvous meeting room software takes an API-first approach, which enables it to integrate perfectly with other important workplace technologies.

For instance, the video conference room booking software integrates fully with Outlook and Office 365 (NFS is a Microsoft gold partner) – meetings go automatically into your diary. Occupancy sensors help you keep track of people density and make sure the correct number of attendees are in a room, and Zoom/Teams integrations makes video conferences easy.

The meeting room booking software also works hand in hand with digital signage, so you can see at a glance from a panel outside the door if and when a room is available. In-room panels allow attendees to make changes such as extending an overrunning meeting’s time or ordering extra catering.

Find out more about Crestron and NFS integration:

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04Your visitors feel like VIPs

It’s important to welcome visitors to your premises for meetings safely and securely, and Rendezvous meeting room booking software makes that simple.

Invitees can be sent pre-visit health questionnaires to fill in, and both visitors and members of staff receive QR codes from the meeting room software so they can check in and out contactlessly.

On arrival, data pre-captured by Rendezvous allows your receptionists to welcome each guest personally and make them feel like a VIP – and digital signage integrated with the meeting room booking software provides easy wayfinding so they reach their destination effortlessly.

The meeting room software also keeps track of people density across your estate via integration with occupancy sensors to ensure the safety of the working environment.

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    What our
    customers say


    ”Rendezvous was the application of choice for room booking having been successfully used in the US for years. Since the initial global implementation, our scope has expanded and we’ve continued working with NFS to modernise a new building with panel technology and implement hot-desking. The commitment, flexibility and expertise of our consultant has allowed for seamless transitions and I look forward to seeing where this technology takes us in the future.”


    Sharyn El Amir

    Senior IS Project Manager

    Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner


    ”The Rendezvous room booking system has contributed to the journey the Trust has started in moving forward to a more agile working environment. Now that the Trust has started the agile working journey, it will look to consolidate and improve space utilisation while at the same time improving the working environment.”

    Terry Murphy

    Terry Murphy

    Assistant Director of Property

    Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

    Frequently asked question

    Meeting room booking software is a specialized software designed specifically to remove the complexity of booking meeting rooms and ancillary services such as catering, video conferencing and audio visual. 

    Meeting room booking software streamlines the process of booking rooms, it enables staff to book video conference meetings across multiple time zones and it makes it impossible to double book a room. The process is far more time efficient than using, say, Outlook to book a room. 

    Meeting room booking software gives facilities managers the room usage data they need to make future real estate decisions. A meeting room booking system eliminates meeting “no shows” and the inefficiency of double booking of rooms.

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