Zero-Touch Access

It is vital that staff feel safe when they return to work. While good hand and desk hygiene is essential, there is a critical need to minimize touching potentially contaminated surfaces.

The Rendezvous suite of zero-touch app solutions delivers Zero-Touch access in key areas.


QR Code Based Check In/Out

As part of our Rendezvous Mobile App we have introduced QR scanning for fast touch free check in and check out of desks and meeting spaces.

Simply sign into the zero touch app – scan the QR code on the desk or meeting room to check in and repeat the process on the way out. The need to punch in any details to, for example, a room panel using your fingers is eliminated.

We have also introduced QR code scanning for external visitors so that they can also have the reassurance of zero touch entry. They will get an email with the QR code enabling them to get access to the building. Integration to BMS can be provided with zero-touch technology.


RFID Personal Access

Rendezvous zero-touch technology also works seamlessly with RFID access cards which are typically used to enter a corporate office.

As well as giving you zero touch access to the building through a turnstile they can also be used to check you in/out to your desk using a RFID-enabled desk panel. Meeting room panels can also be RFID-enabled offering a fast touch free way to start the meeting.


Automated Service Provision

When a meeting is over, or you have finished at your desk for the day you can simply leave – cleaning of the room and wiping down of surfaces is automatically factored into each booking automated service alert. The cleaning team get an automated email reminder as soon as the person has checked out of the space.

Rendezvous takes care of catering provision too – simply pre-order when you book the room and a catering service will be delivered.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Our visitor management system makes it easy for external visitors as there is no need for them to sign any visitors books or touch an iPad to register their presence – they can simply be checked in by the reception using a QR code sent to them as part of the meeting confirmation and this can be enriched with pre arrival information, for example, confirmation that a person is in good health.

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