Billing software for Venues and Conference Centers

Take the strain of handling the main billing functions from your staff

Serving 1800+ customers
across 40 countries

Streamline all your billing

You want your staff have more time to spend on clients – not on carrying out tedious billing duties. Save time and streamline all billing for your events with the help of Rendezvous Events. 

It effortlessly handles the three main event billing functions – deposit, invoice and credit note – while dealing with related details such as contracts, function sheets, deposit requests, invoicing and even integration with accounting systems.

Rendezvous also gives great insight into your customers, capturing data –  you can carry out analysis on customers and events so you can carry out effective targeted marketing.

Key Features

Quotes and Contracts

Accurate event documents are easily generated in a jiffy

Deposits and Payments

Send out your requests – accept and record payments

Full Charge Capture

Information for rooms and items booked is fully tracked throughout the process


Easily generate final invoices with all charges accurately captured and no human error possible

Revenue reports

Get valuable management information for all event and client based analysis


Valuable staff time is freed up from admin for dealing with your clients

Event brochure

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