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The benefits of our video conference scheduling software

Seamless experience

Seamless experience

With Rendezvous you have one solution to take care of all aspects of the VC booking process – no need to use multiple applications as we take care of it all and it is fully integrated with Outlook so you can rest assured that all your team members are kept in the loop about their meeting arrangements wherever they are.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

The video conferencing scheduling software takes care of the VC booking and you can rest assured it takes care of everything else – meeting room bookings, agenda managements, meeting notifications and catering requirements are all handled and managed – even across multiple time zones.

Improved collaboration

Improved collaboration

With prevalent trends such as outsourcing, remote working, changing work styles due to a multi generational workforce and a need to reduce corporate carbon footprints collaborative working has become increasingly more important. Rendezvous is an enabler of this process making it a simple process to connect your workforce.

Improved return on investment

Improved return on investment

By making the booking process so seamless we ensure that utilization of your expensive video conference equipment increases so that over time your return on this investment is greatly improved.

Rendezvous video conference scheduling key functionality

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A global view

With Rendezvous you and your staff can see at a glance which meeting rooms and VC equipment in which ever office locations are available and at what time. What’s more the solution calculates the time zones for you removing the complexity and margin for human error in booking meetings across time zones.

Booking video conferences, meeting rooms, staff and even vended services such as catering becomes a simple one click process whether you are in Tokyo, London or New York you can rest assured that your meeting goes off without a hitch.

In addition, rules can be set in place to respect local working times.

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Automated notifications

Booking the meeting rooms and video equipment is only the beginning of the process.

As a fully featured meeting room scheduling software solution it will ensure that the finer details of the booking process are taken care of – meeting notifications, agendas and cancellations are all emailed automatically out of the system.

As it is fully integrated with Outlook, your staff will always be kept in the loop about their meeting arrangements and commitments regardless of location.



The video conferencing scheduling software has been designed to work smoothly with all major video conference platforms such as Cisco TMS reducing the need for human intervention.

So, as well as booking the meeting rooms and vended services, the software will also automatically start the meeting for you, schedule the audio bridge and ensure that meetings don’t overrun by also managing the meeting end point.

Time can be spent by your delegates on the task at hand.

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