The benefits of our visitor management solution

In business, first impressions count. With Rendezvous your reception and service teams have all the tools at their fingertips to offer the optimum professional visitor experience.

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The benefits of our visitor management solution

Enhanced security

Enhanced security

With Rendezvous it is easy to keep track of all your suppliers, visitors and staff as they are logged automatically in the system.


An improved visitor experience

Visitor badges can be effortlessly produced from the system, the host notified automatically when a VIP arrives in reception and any service requests sent seamlessly to staff.

Seamless communication

Seamless communication

Any changes in a meeting can be notified quickly to both visitors, hosts and service providers to ensure that everything runs like clockwork and no time is wasted.

Our solution delivers:

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Time savings – automated for you

Thanks to Rendezvous, mundane tasks relating to the visitor management process are automated.

All visitors are logged automatically into the system and categorised as either suppliers, internal staff or external guests so that they receive the appropriate visitor handling and security.

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A seamless notification process

Rendezvous enables the booking and reception teams to keep everyone in the loop.

Visitors and hosts alike can be quickly notified when any changes in date, time, location or meeting takes place ensuring that no time is wasted and eliminates any uncertainty on the part of your visitors.

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Better badge printing

Rendezvous has made this a greatly simplified and painless process freeing up time for your staff to serve their visitors.

All the key information, including photos, can be printed on the pass.

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Great wayfinding

With integration to leading digital signage solutions such as Harman AMX, Crestron and Evoko, your guests can easily find the conference rooms they need to be in using easy to use room panels.

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Above all - a great guest experience

With Rendezvous it is easy to keep up to date on your visitors so that you will always be able to offer the best service to your guests.

Rendezvous keeps track of any specialized data such as dietary requirements, car parking and hotel arrangements. In addition, the database can be used for marketing purposes.

Sounds interesting?

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you achieve the maximum utilisation of your meeting rooms and real estate. Contact us today to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants who will be happy to discuss the benefits of our solution.