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Our API gives you the power to easily connect all your other workplace-related software and hardware.

This open approach enables you to future-proof your existing technology investment and create a solution set specifically tailored to your needs.

Space availability

The Rendezvous API provides availability information for each category of space including such important areas as desks, car parking, hotelling spaces and meeting rooms.

The API supports queries including duration, time and in the case of meeting space location-based searching and capacity criteria. It even supports a more granular level of searching such as a specific space within the building.

Links to digital signage

The NFS Rendezvous API supports integration with a wide range of digital signage platforms including room panels, AV platforms and desk panels. This integration enhances system features that are not available out of the box.

In a typical room panel scenario, the digital signage open API enables unique features such as viewing current room availability on the room panel as well as the ability to book a room from the signage panel.

The workplace API also enables advanced functionality such as being able to reschedule meetings straight from the digital signage screen. Functions like booking an existing space at a different time can be done straight from the digital signage screen with digital signage software API.

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    Connectivity with IOT/Sensor platforms

    In a typical sensor/IoT environment the Rendezvous API integrates with the sensor to allow checking occupancy in real-time. This helps to support a number of real-time use cases.

    Typically, these use cases include:

    • The ability to interrogate the actual occupancy of spaces like desks and meeting rooms.
    • The ability to do a people count. This is particularly relevant to meeting rooms where it is critical to identifying discrepancies between the number of participants booked and the actual number of participants in the room.
    • The auto-release of rooms where an IoT device has been deployed. This is ideal for minimising expensive no shows.
    Connectivity with IOTSensor platforms

    Data extract for analytics platforms

    For today’s organization, space utilization is a key criterion for optimizing the real estate profile of a company.

    The benefit of the Rendezvous API is 100% accuracy on real-time occupancy of space. Typically, the Rendezvous workplace API is used to support the delivery of information to an analytics platform. The analytics platform is able to provide a more granular level of space utilization information as well as graphical information to give the facilities team a better understanding of how space is occupied at different times of day and week.


    Increasingly, staff prefer to book space using the familiar Outlook calendar interface. Thanks to our unique Outlook calendar connector they can do exactly that.

    Without leaving the familiar Outlook interface, they can quickly check available space, people and resources as well as book a room in real time.

    Connections to building management systems (BMS)

    Minimizing the energy consumption of a building is critical both from a cost and green perspective.

    A building information system can use the Rendezvous API to identify critical information such as meeting start and end times.

    Armed with such data, the BMS can easily control lighting, air conditioning and heating, so rooms are always at their optimum temperature while saving unnecessary energy consumption, an important contribution to a greener agenda.

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