Make great property decisions with CRE insights


As a workplace leader, you’re thinking hard about how you configure and utilize space for your increasingly agile workforce.

You need solutions to gather and analyze data, including:

  • Occupancy sensors
  • Meeting room booking software
  • Desk booking software

Transform your workplace with Rendezvous integrated digital technology


The Rendezvous enhanced employee experience

employee-experience enhanced-employee

Predict the future with confidence, backed by accurate data

Rendezvous provides all the data you need to make informed decisions on your real estate. It combines data from occupancy sensors, meeting room booking software and desk booking software in dashboards to give you the whole picture.

Data = action. With features like reverse hoteling you can reconfigure your space whenever you need to.

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how technology helps you get the most out of your space


Success Story - Why a leading research company chose Rendezvous for agile working

meeting room booking software

Data supported decision making


How to use workplace sensors to benefit your organisation and workforce

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