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Who are we?

At NFS Technology, we’re the workplace transformation experts who help you craft a seamless, satisfying working experience for your valued employees. We supply leading workplace management technology worldwide, with headquarters in the UK and offices in the US, South Africa, Belgium and Australia, and our high-touch 24/7 support desk provides round the clock support wherever you are.

Our clients

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Find out more about the Rendezvous team & the company today
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Find out more about the Rendezvous team & the company today


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Watch our video to discover what is special about us - our people, our industry experience and our service commitment.

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Our partners

Our integration-friendly Rendezvous platform helps organizations build connected workplaces that create great employee experiences every day.

In our continual quest to provide perfect solutions, we engage with top-notch partners to provide Rendezvous-compatible hardware, software and related technology.

We can boast deep API integrations with leading providers of digital technology, ensuring clients enjoy a unified global experience of our platform with best-in-class solutions.

Our partners include

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We also complement our offices around the world with a partner network of experienced regional players in workplace and digital communications. They provide strong local support, infrastructure and services to support our clients’ seamless working environments.

These partners include

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What can we do for you?

At NFS, we help our clients build modern digital workplaces powered by our Rendezvous room and desk booking platform, maximising their space utilization and delivering a great employee experience.

We evolve Rendezvous constantly, and pride ourselves on a holistic approach – our consultants work closely with you to achieve the outputs you need. And with our expert training and support services, we make sure we implement solutions with minimum disruption and maximum effect.



The benefits we provide include:


A seamless working environment


A great employee experience promoting talent retention and recruitment


Integration-friendly API for best-in-class complementary solutions


Customer integrations including IoT, Vista Experience and building management

Desk and room booking

Desk and room booking by mobile app

Data and analytics

Data and analytics for optimizing space management

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Success stories

Read about some of our satisfied clients.

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NFS and Gartner

Gartner publishes regular research featuring NFS – for instance, six pieces published during 2023 were read by more than 6,000 end-users.

Gartner included NFS in the Vendor Selection for Workplace Experience Application and also in Market Guide for Workplace Experience Applications. We were also selected to appear in separate Hype Cycles for Digital Workplace Applications, for I&O Digital Workplace Transformation, for Hybrid Work and for the Future of Enterprise Applications.


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How our NFS family work together

At NFS, we are a family – our close-knit team structure is based on supporting each other, on a commitment to equal opportunities and on the two-way communication that’s the real lifeblood of our organization.

Our approach to work is never rigid, and informal team collaborations are always encouraged. We wholeheartedly believe our valued staff should enjoy a level of autonomy about how they work and where they do it, and we hold regular team events to build strong relationships, collaboration – and have some fun!

At the helm is our rock-steady, experienced leadership team, headed by founder and CEO Luis De Souza. Many of the members have been with the company for over 15 years, and have a deep belief in maintaining a people-centric culture right across the business.

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