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The Integrated Solution for Meeting Room Scheduling and Workplace Management.

Rendezvous is the world-leading software solution that helps your organization transform the way it manages meeting rooms, desks and workspaces – as well as services like catering and AV.

It integrates with sensor technology, delivering real-time information on space availability to help staff book the right space to work, every time – and it links seamlessly with digital signage as well as Exchange and Outlook. Quite simply, Rendezvous is the glue that "Connects your Workplace".

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Room Booking Software

Rendezvous makes searching, selection and securing resources such as meeting rooms, desks and even car parking spaces a simple process. The ideal space with the right resources can be searched based on room type, layout and capacity.

Desk Booking / Hoteling Software

Rendezvous enables mobile workers to quickly select a desk either through Outlook or their mobile device if they are on the road. They can also select equipment and catering so that they waste no time looking for a space to work.

Meeting Room Booking Software Catering & A/V

Catering Software

Rendezvous allows the booking of all services including catering, AV, IT, and video conferencing as part of the meeting room booking process.

Rendezvous Mobile

Rendezvous has been designed with today’s agile working styles in mind. Our mobile solution works across multiple operating systems with a powerful yet easy to use interface that offers full room and desk booking capability.

Resource Scheduling

Rendezvous can handle the most complex of meeting requirements. As well as booking rooms and desks you can easily attach add ons such as car parking, visitor badges and audiovisual easily through our intuitive user interface.

Visitor Management

Security and reception staff can maintain visibility of all visitors and meeting attendees even before they arrive at reception for maximum efficiency, whilst also ensuring a pleasant visitor experience.

Digital Signage / Room Panels

In today’s digital world, Rendezvous offers a choice of meeting room screens and digital signage solutions from leading suppliers like AMX by Harman, Evoko and Crestron and also cost effective tablet offerings, to accommodate all budgets and design preferences. testingssssss

Sensor Technology / Space Utilization

Managing flexible space requires a new approach to room and desk availability information, for staff to easily find the right space. Freespace uses advanced sensors and wi-fi to monitor how each desk, booth, seat and room in your office is being utilized.

Conference Centre Management

Rendezvous Events is a powerful, reliable and easy to use package that deals with all aspects of a busy conference or training facility from sales to operations and billing.

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