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Improve your foodservice offering

A busy workplace plays host to many meetings – and making sure attendees get the catering they need is crucial to creating an effective meeting experience.

Catering Software

The benefits of Rendezvous catering software


Dramatically reduce wastage

Rendezvous does more than help your maximize your meeting space. Its catering software helps you reduce wastage on food and drink, while making sure attendees have their food and drink needs perfectly met.


Drives the guest experience

You can use Rendezvous food booking software to order meals to be delivered during meetings, and also make sure refreshments such as tea and coffee arrive exactly at the times you specify. The food and drink ordering software also allows you to order food and beverage that takes into account special dietary requirements.



Rendezvous food booking software also responds effortlessly to any amendments you need to make in your arrangements. Meetings in any organisation – particularly a large one – are subject to a lot of changes including the number of people attending, the venue and time.


Enhanced communication

This smart food software automatically responds to any changes and automatically informs your catering providers. This is particularly important in organisations that have outsourced their catering. It maintains good communications with your providers and avoids unnecessary waste that can take a bite directly out of your bottom line.

The key functionality of our catering software

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Handling meeting changes

with its seamless integration to Outlook, any changes in catering requirements or meeting cancellations are quickly communicated to service teams – no more wasted food and drink, or meetings that don’t receive their beverages.

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User-friendly interface

Users select and book all vended services including catering in one transaction, and make changes easily whenever you need to.

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Improving communication

Our powerful notifications engine automatically informs service delivery about new bookings, cancellations and amendments through customizable emails.

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Billing automatically

Rendezvous food software adds all costs of a meeting automatically so they can be charged back to the correct internal department.

This enables managers to keep control of costs and for the accounts function to check budgets against actual usage.

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This impressive catering software captures data and provides comprehensive reports so you can monitor and control costs, and make informed decisions.

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Handling set-up and break-down

Rendezvous makes sure everything is always ready for your meeting guests.

You can automatically add set-up and break-down time to ensure a smooth transition from one booking to the next.

Improve your meeting experience

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you achieve the maximum utilisation of your meeting rooms and real estate.

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