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What else do you need for your meeting

What else do you need for your meeting?

Organizing the perfect meeting requires more than just space – you also need to make sure the equipment you need will be in place, and refreshments delivered exactly when you want them.

With Rendezvous catering software, it’s simple. Our system keeps a full inventory of equipment such as video conferencing and AV, and you can book it via the app at the same time as you schedule your meeting – even in multiple locations.

You book catering at the same time, and if the meeting time or number of attendees changes, Rendezvous will notify the catering staff immediately through its catering management software. No more admin – and no more wasted or failed deliveries.

What 6 tangible benefits does catering software bring your business?

The Rendezvous enhanced employee experience

The Rendezvous meeting room booking software Outlook integration gives you and your staff a seamless booking experience. Any bookings for desks and/or meeting rooms are automatically entered into all relevant diaries - a great time saver. As it is fully integrated, the Outlook conference room scheduling software can be launched seamlessly from Outlook itself - ideal for office-based staff who live in Outlook. A simple tap on the booking icon and meetings can be organized and attendees notified - all without having to interrupt the employee’s workflow.

Technical features

Technical features

With its modern API, Rendezvous integrates fully with leading hardware and solutions, connecting with your ecosystem and making deployment simple and cost-effective.

Outlook Integration

Outlook integration

Digital signage

Digital signage

Room panels

Room panels



Access Control (1)

Access control

Key Features


Book VC/AV equipment and catering in a single transaction

Our clear, user-friendly mobile interface makes it easy for your employees to arrange catering, and make sure video conferencing and AV equipment are available exactly when they need them – all at the same time as they book the meeting space. And if anything changes, Rendezvous automatically notifies the caterers as well as attendees.

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Connect with your Outlook calendar

Rendezvous integrates perfectly with Outlook, so you have all the benefits of a familiar interface – and you simply drag and drop meetings into your calendar and book services with catering software UK

Desk Booking Software

Everything at a glance

Our mobile app is extremely user-friendly, so your employees can be up and running on it quickly, using it to locate and book the meeting room and desk space they need, even across multiple locations and time zones


All the equipment and resources you need

Need video conferencing, AV or even catering at your meeting? No problem – with Rendezvous catering booking system, you can book it easily at the same time as you book your meeting room

Visitor-Management (1)

Eliminate no-shows

Get your meeting attendees – including external visitors – where they need to be. Rendezvous integrates with digital signage to make sure everyone can find the right place easily

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Don’t delay – discover more today about how easy it is to find and book space for the perfect meeting with Rendezvous technology! Download our easy-to-read brochure now.


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    Case study

    Case Study

    What’s more important for a corporate organization or law firm than holding great client meetings? Rendezvous is the solution that makes meetings effortlessly perfect every time.

    A major NYC law firm saves time and money by changing their scheduling system

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