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Collaboration is the lifeblood of any organization, and these days video conferencing and AV are an integral part of any successful business operations.

It’s been shown, though, that if a video conference is difficult to organize, employees will avoid using it – and lose all the benefits of teamwork, reduced travel and lower stress it can provide.

With Rendezvous, video conference and AV management becomes simple – the equipment can be located and booked in a moment via the Rendezvous app, even across multiple locations.

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Business features

When you’re booking a meeting via the Rendezvous app, you can locate and book video conferencing and AV at the same time, in the same simple transaction – even in a range of locations.

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Space booking

Video conferencing/AV

Outlook integration


Technical features

Rendezvous works smoothly with all major video conference platforms such as Cisco TMS.  So it automatically starts the meeting for you, schedules the audio bridge and manages the meeting end point.

Resource booking





Key features

Make sure equipment is available

With Rendezvous, you see at a glance which meeting rooms and VC equipment are available, with time zones calculated for you. Booking video conferences, meeting rooms, attendees and vended services is a one-click process whether you’re in Sydney, London or New York.

Connect with your Outlook calendar

Rendezvous integrates perfectly with Outlook, so you have all the benefits of a familiar interface – and you simply drag and drop meetings into your calendar.

Everything at a glance

Our mobile app is extremely user-friendly, so your employees can be up and running on it quickly, using it to locate and book the meeting room and desk space they need, even across multiple locations and time zones

Adding Services All the equipment and resources you need

Need video conferencing, AV or even catering at your meeting? No problem – with Rendezvous, you book it easily at the same time as you book your meeting room

Eliminate no-shows with guest guidance

Get your meeting attendees – including external visitors – where they need to be. Rendezvous integrates with digital signage to make sure everyone can find the right place easily


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Case study

With hundreds of employees attending several meetings in 33 rooms in one business day, DLA Piper needed to find meeting management technology to help increase office productivity.

Law firm retains integrated meeting management technology

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