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Our expert leadership, technical and project management and customer service teams have years of experience in working closely with NFS clients to create solutions that deliver exactly what is required.

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    Read on to discover more about key members of the teams.


    Luis De Souza

    Group CEO

    Luis founded NFS Technology in the 1990s and has grown it to a worldwide business. He is a trained engineer with an MBA, and has worked with major companies including Ford, McKinsey and ITT.


    Audrey Carvelho

    Founder Member

    Computer scientist Audrey controls product development and product management, and has worked for leading companies in data processing and the financial services industry.


    Raj Bharambe

    Founder Member

    Master engineer Raj is responsible for IT services at NFS and leads the team responsible for enterprise software deployment and cloud hosting services worldwide.


    Natalie Appleton

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Natalie oversees all facets of US operations, and has been working one to one with clients in the legal and other sectors to find the best solution to enhance their business processes for over 12 years with NFS


    Charlie Paterson

    Head of Rendezvous Operations

    Charlie leads our international implementation team for Rendezvous following a 15-year career with NFS in operational roles including the establishment of our South Africa office.


    Message from the CEO

    At NFS Technology, we put our heart and soul into helping clients – and we’ve been succeeding at that for more than 25 years. Our knowledge, skills and understanding are second to none – and we’re waiting to put them at your disposal, delivering workplace and venue management solutions that work for you.

    Luis De Souza

    CEO and founder of NFS

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