Mobile – your key to brilliant employee engagement and collaboration

How Rendezvous software and user-friendly mobile app create a seamless and satisfying workplace experience

Creating a great working experience (WEX) for employees is the best way for today’s workplace leaders to enhance wellbeing, collaboration and talent retention. Here’s how the Rendezvous mobile app creates a seamless working day.


Easily book via the floorplan

Finding the right desk or meeting space

Using their mobile app linked to Rendezvous workplace management software, your staff can find the space they need in an instant and check its availability on the quick-view graphical floorplan. It takes the strain out of coming to the office.


Colleague search

They can also use the app to discover when and where their colleagues are in the office, so they can collaborate brilliantly with them and enjoy the face-to-face time.


Booking workspace or a meeting

It’s admin-free – once they locate their space, they book it in a click of the app, even for multiple-location meetings. Rendezvous sends out invitations to all involved, and keeps them up to date with changes, reducing the frustration of no-shows.


Adding parking, services and catering

These can be added in the same transaction on the app, and your employee can also check the status of vital equipment such as AV or VC in all locations booked so everything is ready to go on schedule.

Full integration

Full integration

Rendezvous integrates with Microsoft 365 so the desk booking or meeting is entered straight into Outlook. The software also integrates with leading brands of room and desk display panels for wayfinding and touch-free check in and out of space.

Employee Portal

Quickly update your status

Employee Portal

Rendezvous’ advanced employee portal makes it easy to keep colleagues up to date on your status, and helps managers book space and time for teams to work together productively and happily.

Space control

Space control

Rendezvous captures space utilization data in real-time, so workplace leaders can determine employee preferences and needs, and adapt valuable workspace to suit their requirements and the needs of the organization.

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