Mobile Desk Booking App and Software

Planning a day in the office? Booking through our mobile desk booking app makes for a quick, easy and enjoyable 1,2,3 step process ensuring you can book a desk safely, ahead of time and in the knowledge that social distancing and hygiene rules have been maintained. It’s as easy as 1 click on the floor plan, 2 choose a location and 3 confirm.


Automated desk blocking in action

Safety First

With colleague safety first in mind – the mobile booking software enforces social distancing rules as it automatically blocks blocking out desks within 6 feet. For added peace of mind – extra cleaning and release time is built into every booking. Rendezvous integrates with QR code scanners for no-touch check in and out. Our desk panels indicate desk availability for easy workspace booking.



Our apps work on all mobile devices to offer an easy to use platform for advanced booking of desks. Whilst on the move, away from the office, our new floorplan module makes it even easier to select and book a desk and to locate colleagues.


Outlook Integration

Your desk bookings are automatically synced with your Outlook calendar with the mobile space reservation solution. What’s more, once you check out for the day, the service team automatically receives an email that you have left, the desk is out of circulation and ready to be cleaned for your colleagues arrival thanks to workspace booking.


Contact Tracing

The Rendezvous solution collects a wealth of accurate usage data with its mobile booking platform. This data can now be utilized for contact tracing and can be recalled at the touch of a button.

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