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From initial enquiry to final billing and all operational points in between– Rendezvous is the solution for driving sales and operations for venues and conference centers.

Conference Room and Venue Management Software

Are you looking for the tools to effectively manage your meeting room and event space?

Look no further – Rendezvous is the complete management solution you need.

With several years of experience of providing venue management software, NFS are well aware of the challenges faced by conference centers and venues which are often exacerbated by using manual or ad hoc processes to schedule rooms or to create function sheets which are often time consuming and disconnected as well as being prone to errors.

This wealth of industry experience which we bring to our clients has driven the development of the Rendezvous venue management software which has been designed to eliminate manual processes, such as creating function sheets, to enable them to focus on delivering the best event experience for their delegates.

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Increase sales

With our CRM, purpose-built for conference centers and event venues, you will never miss an enquiry. It captures all leads and automatically reminds you exactly when to follow up – which means you close more business.

Great data capture also provides you with comprehensive reporting that helps you to analyze the most effective lead sources so you can maximize your sales efforts.

This advanced reporting facility and advanced analysis tools make it easy to segment your prospects and drive targeted marketing campaigns.

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Improve customer retention

Easily create campaigns to stimulate repeat business from your existing clients and increase their lifetime value.

With our CRM’s analytical capabilities, the process of identifying your top revenue generating customers is greatly simplified and repeat bookings can be made at the press of a button.

The system also captures important customer data to you can create marketing campaigns and offers that will bring customers back again and again.

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Our easy to view calendar enables your staff to see room availability easily and make event bookings quickly.

Once a booking has been made, the solution makes it easy to generate and manage all the paperwork required from deposit invoices to the final contract. Packages can be easily created and amended, supporting multiple rate and seasonal plans.

And with all operations streamlined, staff have more time for selling.

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Our accommodation module is seamlessly integrated into the Rendezvous CRM. It’s ideal for colleges, universities and training centers that wish to utilize their accommodation space outside of term time.

It means you can flexibly check availability and book accommodation effortlessly, so bookings are maximized.

In addition, capture of guest data created in-depth reports that allow your center to identify the best prospects and customers and create targeted marketing and repeat business campaigns.

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Vended services

Easily manage catering orders and audio visual requirements with function sheets produced at the touch of a button.

Rendezvous helps you keep track of your finite resources, such as projectors, and captures all catering costs associated with an event so you manage food and beverage revenue.

Providing the right equipment and facilities at the right time creates a great guest experience that drives up loyalty and brings repeat business.

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Management Reporting

Keep on top of your room usage, top clients, sales and revenue with our easy to use dashboard.

Armed with this powerful reporting tool backed up by the latest data, it is easy to pinpoint key trends in sales and operational activity. More than 200 pre-defined reports are available, and bespoke reports can be created whenever necessary.

The reports are easily exported to Excel for make further detailed analysis possible and inform future decisions.

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Online Portal

Sell meeting space in your sleep from your website – our on-line capability maximizes new business potential, particularly for late bookings and makes it easy for existing clients to interact with your venue on a 24/7 basis.

It’s particularly suitable for selling smaller rooms and capitalizing on last minute bookings so you never miss any potential business.

The whole booking process is handled automatically, and the solution will even process online payments.

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Are you looking for the solution?

If this sounds likes the tool that can revolutionise your events operation then contact us today.

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