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Hybrid working

Hybrid working offers the best of both worlds: access to technology and collaboration in the office and the opportunity to create a better work life balance at home.

What started as a necessary health and safety measure, the hybrid workplace has grown to become the standard for knowledge workers all around the world.

The Rendezvous enhanced employee experience

The evolution of hybrid working is being driven by
these 3 factors:

Better space utilization

With more people working from home permanently or a few days a week, how organizations use their space is a hot topic.

You need to organize your space in a cost-effective way that also makes sure your staff have access to all the resources they need in the office, whenever they need them.

With changes in how workers interact with the building, it’s vital to have accurate utilization data to drive future change. This can be made possible with hybrid workplace software.

The employee agenda

Now employees have had a taste of home working it can be difficult to persuade them to spend time in the office.

To retain talent, you need to offer flexibility, a great digital experience and a move towards working styles more focused on outputs than on location.

The working agenda

For hybrid working to get buy-in from management post-Covid, leaders need to demonstrate that this way of working generates more productivity.

A key driver of productivity is the digital experience. Hybrid working software needs to be mobile, time-saving, maximizing space utilization and data-driven.

How Rendezvous provides the perfect hybrid working software toolkit


Desk booking

Unallocated seating is now a reality for many organizations, and demand for seating can be outstripped by supply. Adopting a hoteling strategy is a great way of ensuring your limited space is fully utilized while maintaining maximum occupancy. This can be implemented with a hybrid workplace management system.

A desk booking solution ensures your staff are guaranteed a desk when they commute into the office. Features like auto-release for no-shows makes sure optimum seating levels are maintained.

Innovations like floorplan booking via a mobile device make it easier for your staff to use hoteling. Integration with Outlook ensures that all their desk bookings are logged automatically for future reference and added convenience.

Further hybrid workplace software integrations – with QR code readers and desk panels, for example – enable employees to check in and out of their desks quickly and safely. New features such as “find a colleague” ensure they get the necessary face time for collaboration and mentorship – two key reasons for working in the office.


Sensor technology

Where space is less of an issue, booking a desk in advance is less necessary. A more free-wheeling hot desking approach can be adopted, and sensor technology is ideal with workplace software.

Instead of booking in advance, workers simply arrive at the office and check desk availability on digital signage connected to the occupancy sensors. They can see immediately which desks are free, walk up to the desk and check in automatically as the sensor detects their presence. When they walk away, they are checked out.

Sensor technology provides accurate real-time usage data that can drive future real estate decision. As part of a wider suite of hybrid workplace software, integrating sensors with meeting room booking software gives pinpoint accurate data on how staff are interacting with the space.

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Meeting room booking

A key reason for going to the office is to meet face to face. It is still the best way for ideas to take shape, and for fast decision-making to happen. Hybrid working solutions ensure that meetings are efficiently organized.

An easy-to-use interface – with Outlook integration – ensures workers spend less time planning meetings and more time on productive work. Features like integration between the hybrid working software with Teams and Zoom ensure that even the most complex multi-location and multi time zone meetings take place without a hitch. Catering and AV can be easily organized from the same hybrid office software interface in seconds.


Visitor management

Creating a safe space for hybrid workers and external visitors is now high on everyone’s agenda. The new breed of hybrid workplace management software is designed with safety in mind. Integration between the hybrid working software and the visitor management software keeps everyone is safe and makes sure visitors are still treated like VIPs. QR code check in ensures a touch free and efficient process that maximizes visitor flow.

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