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How Rendezvous meeting room booking system makes meetings perfect

  • The meeting room booking system makes it easy to find the ideal meeting space – even in multiple locations and across time-zones
  • You book the space quickly via our meeting room booking app, even on the move
  • You book services and equipment at the same time, including catering, videoconferencing and AV; it’s all ready to go when you are
  • Any changes are notified to everyone automatically by the meeting room booking system, reducing no-shows and wasted catering
  • Your visitors are well-handled, with digital signage that integrates with the meeting room booking system to guide them and automatic check-in and out.

Why making meetings perfect shouldn’t be hard work

Rendezvous Workspace – transforming your workplace

With Rendezvous cloud-based meeting room booking system’s scheduling and reporting, you know your valuable workspace is being fully utilized, with no meeting space or desks standing empty and no employees struggling to find a place to work.


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Visitor Management

Catering Solution


Mobile Booking

Why integration is so important

Technology in silos doesn’t work – connect your workplace fully. Our meeting room booking system’s API-friendly integration with leading equipment and hardware vendors means you use your existing equipment, saving costs and implementation time.

Connect your workplace – how integrating technology is a winner

Rendezvous Mobile

Outlook Integration

API Integrations

Just some of the ways Rendezvous meeting room booking streamlines operations

Outlook Integration

You want to create a perfect meeting experience every time – but just using Outlook, that can be a bit of a juggling act, particularly if you’re organizing a meeting across multiple locations or time zones.

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Desk Booking Software


From formal to informal meeting spaces and flexible desks, Rendezvous cloud-based meeting room booking system is the solution that connects your workplace – and makes it easy to find the perfect spot to work, every time.

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Catering and Vended Services

Organizing the perfect meeting requires more than just space – you also need to make sure the equipment you need will be in place, and refreshments delivered exactly when you want them.

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Space utilization and sensors

The cost of real estate is rising all over the world, and desk booking is changing the way we use workspace dramatically. Our cloud meeting room booking system makes sure you aren’t overspending on floorspace.

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Collaboration is the lifeblood of any organization. Rendezvous cloud-based meeting room booking system supports it perfectly, no matter how widespread your workforce

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Digital Signage

Digital signage contributes massively to successful meetings, helping guests to arrive at the right place, and staff make bookings and changes even from inside the room.

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Our industry solutions

Law firms are adopting new ways of working to meet the demands of today’s tech-savvy lawyer who is equally comfortable working from home as they are from a visitor office at the firm.

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Multi-Location Global Law Firm Uses Rendezvous to Manage Meeting Rooms and Catering across Two Sites

What’s more important for a corporate organization than holding great client meetings? Rendezvous is the solution that makes meetings effortlessly perfect every time.

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Law Firm Retains Integrated Meeting Management Technology

It’s your number one aim to manage events with top-notch efficiency and professionalism while maintaining a steady pipeline of business – and Rendezvous is the solution that makes it happen.

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Keeping track: how a major event centre transformed conference room booking

Many schools and colleges today maximize resources and generate revenue with a supplementary events business – and Rendezvous is the answer to making it run like clockwork.

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The University of Toledo Deploys Room Booking Technology from NFS

Rendezvous is designed to help healthcare organizations drive efficiency, keep costs down and to foster an environment where patients receive the optimum care.

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Major Health Trust moves to desk booking with Rendezvous

Many public sector organizations and government departments are looking for ways to make sure they are utilizing their property portfolio to get the bang for their real estate buck.

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Cardiff Castle and Cardiff City Hall:


What our clients say

”This new technology has increased our productivity at DLA Piper. NFS Rendezvous software is simple to use — once we got it set up it was easy to book meetings.”

Kevin Wertlieb

Senior Unified Communications Engineer, DLA Piper.


Meeting room booking software is the efficient way to organize meetings, rooms and any resources you require – and you can also book rooms across multiple locations and different time zones in a jiffy.

Meeting room booking software helps you to streamline the organization ofyour meetings and room bookings, even if they are across multiple locations. Details and changes are automatically notified immediately to everyone involved.

When choosingmeeting room booking software, make sure it tackles:

  • No shows and meetings that are double booked
  • Dull organizational administration
  • Catering wasted
  • Under-utilized spaces
  • An indistinctview of how the office is being used
  • Difficulty finding vital equipment such as VC

A meeting room booking software provides important features:

  • You can book rooms via an app even in different time zones 
  • The booking process is simple, with automatic notifications •
  • You book catering, parking and other services in one transaction
  • The software integrates with wayfinding, digital signage, Outlook and Office 365. Space utilization reports inform better decision-making

Innovative meeting room booking software enables you to:

  • Find and book workspace quickly via an app
  • The notifications engine informs about details and changes automatically * Book catering, equipment and parking at the same time 
  • Include set up and clean downtimes automatically

Rendezvous meeting room booking software integrates with Outlook fully, providing the extra facilities that make it simpler to organize a perfect meeting even in multiple locations. For instance, catering, equipment and other services can be booked in one transaction, and all involved in a meeting are informed automatically if anything changes.

Workspace scheduling software helps you book your meeting space and desks easily using an app, and you can monitor workspace utilization in detail to make sure no valuable space is wasted.

Just open the app on your smartphone or tablet, locate and book the spaces you need (even across multiple locations and different time zones), and add catering, equipment and other services in a single transaction. The system automatically informs everyone involved.

Open up the Rendezvous app to find and book meeting spaces you need, plus equipment – the system will automatically adjust for time zones.

You can book easily in multiple locations using the Rendezvous app to find and book meeting spaces, with equipment – the system automatically adjusts to take in different time zones.