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Powerful meeting room scheduling with Outlook

Powerful meeting room scheduling with Outlook

You want to create a perfect meeting experience every time – but just using Outlook, that can be a bit of a juggling act, particularly if you’re organizing a meeting across multiple locations or time zones.

Our meeting room booking system integrated with Outlook allows you to easily book rooms, manage calendars, send agendas to meeting attendees, book catering, schedule VC, and more.

Rendezvous advanced room and resource scheduling technologies integrate thoroughly with Outlook and Exchange. So you have all the benefits of using your familiar interface plus the incredible ease of locating and booking the perfect spaces you need for your meeting, via an app.

You simply drag-and-drop your meeting in the Outlook calendar, and all attendees and services are kept informed automatically of any changes.

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    Business features

    How Rendezvous benefits your business:

    Organize complex meetings straight from Outlook across multiple time zones and locations and update all attendees in one easy process. Resources such as video conferencing can easily be added.

    Discover more about the big benefits Rendezvous desk booking solution brings:

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    Space booking

    Outlook Integration

    Outlook integration

    User friendly interface

    User interface



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    Real-time data

    Real time information

    Technical features

    Technical features

    Thanks to Rendezvous’ integration with your existing IT infrastructure, sending out agendas, notifications, requests to service providers and meeting cancellations is a breeze – and workflow is not affected.

    Outlook Integration

    Outlook integration





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    Digital signage

    Real time information

    Real time information

    Access Control

    Access control

    Key features


    Use the familiar Outlook interface

    The Rendezvous meeting room and resource scheduling system integrates with Outlook to make it even easier to create the perfect meeting, with all attendees and services fully up to date at all times – the simple way to reduce admin and eliminate frustrating no-shows.

    Desk Booking Software

    Connect with your Outlook calendar

    Rendezvous is a scheduling software that integrates with Outlook, so you have all the benefits of a familiar interface – and you simply drag and drop meetings into your calendar.

    Desk Booking Software

    Everything at a glance

    Our mobile app is extremely user-friendly, so your employees can be up and running on it quickly, using it to locate and book the meeting room and desk space they need, even across multiple locations and time zones.

    Desk Booking Software

    All the equipment and resources you need

    Need video conferencing, AV or even catering at your meeting? No problem – with Rendezvous, you book it easily at the same time as you book your meeting room.


    Eliminate no shows

    Get your meeting attendees – including external visitors – where they need to be. Rendezvous integrates with digital signage to make sure everyone can find the right place easily.



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    Case study


    What’s more important for a corporate organization or law firm than holding great client meetings? Rendezvous is the solution that makes meetings effortlessly perfect every time.

    A major NYC law firm saves time and money by changing their scheduling system

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