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Streamline Your Office Hot Desking with Rendezvous Hot Desk Booking Software

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Make the most of your hot desks with our office hot desk reservation system

When is a hot desk not so hot? When it’s hard to find and book. With Rendezvous hot desk management software, that’s never an issue. Use the Rendezvous mobile hot desk booking app to locate the perfect desk using a floorplan – and book it in an instant.

The hot desk reservation system or hot desk booking system sends you a QR code to check in and out of the desk touch-free – and if you do not turn up, the hot desk booking app makes it available for someone else. Even fixed desks can be turned into temporary hot desks by the hot desk scheduling software when their normal occupants do not need them – this is known as reverse hoteling. As a hot desk app, Rendezvous integrates with leading desk panels such as Embrava as a robust hot desk management software.

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How Rendezvous helps you reserve a desk

It takes just three clicks for you to book a desk and check in and out with a zero-touch approach.

Checks for available desks

Rendezvous desking solutions are based on an intuitive floorplan. You choose the right desk by considering the relevant details, such as the scheduled date and time. You can choose a space that is best suited to your preference.

Checks for available desks
Ensures faster booking
Ensures faster booking

The agile working system helps you to secure a space by granting real-time visibility of other desks in the office. This is a rapid way of searching for an unoccupied desk. In a few taps of your mobile device, you can book a desk.

Colleague Search

In a hybrid working environment, it can be challenging to locate colleagues. The floorplan booking portal enables you to see colleagues' availability and book a nearby desk. Planning your day is
a lot easier.

Colleague Search
Outlook integration
Outlook integration

Rendezvous desk booking solutions are fully integrated with Outlook so you are kept up to date with your desk bookings - automatically. As soon as you book a desk the booking details appear in your calendar immediately - a great time saver.

Hot desk management software supports your hybrid working transformation

With hybrid working becoming the norm, hot desking solutions are imperative for reserving a desk. You can ensure fast and intuitive booking thanks to mobile booking. With this mobile-first approach, you can conveniently plan your trip to the office even when you are on the go. Once you are in the office, you can quickly check in and out of your desk booking using desk panels, QR codes, RFID cards, or even in-app for a truly seamless experience.

Better space utilization

A successful hot desking strategy depends on in-depth knowledge of what your workers require and how many desks you actually need. Rendezvous desk reservation software provides the real-time data and analysis workplace leaders need to confirm working patterns and needs, and plan for future evolution.

Better productivity and collaboration

Agile workers need to know they can find a desk easily on days in the office, and with our hot desk reservation system, they can use an app to locate and book the desk in a few clicks before they even arrive. A colleague search facility means collaboration is much easier to achieve.

Better worker wellbeing

As agile workers can establish their working space easily and get on with the job, frustration is reduced, and the easy collaboration encouraged by the desk reservation software makes work more enjoyable. It all adds up to better staff wellbeing and retention.

Transform your workplace with Rendezvous integrated digital technology


Discover how Rendezvous helps the return to work

Check out the infographics and videos below to find out how easy it is to book a desk using our mobile app or plan even the busiest day in the office using our QuickBook solution.

Hot desk desking solutions: 7 brilliant benefits that make work easier

01Floorplan booking

With Rendezvous hot desk management software, it is easy to book a desk using our mobile apps. A graphical floorplan makes it simple to see where available desks are and when they are cleaned to ensure safe working.

02Colleague search

Join your team members quickly and get on with collaborating – you can use the desk reservation system floorplan to book space near each other in advance so you can coordinate schedules for maximum benefit.


Occupancy sensors provide excellent data in real-time to show how a hot desk is actually being utilized and to enable workplace leaders to ensure safe people density on a floor.

04Great integration

Rendezvous desk booking platform not only integrates with sensors and desk panels, but it also teams up perfectly with other digital signage as well as with Outlook and Office 365 so your booking enters your diary automatically.

05Touch-free check in

When you book a hot desk on the Rendezvous hot desking booking software, it sends you a QR or RFID code so you can check in and out of the desk contact-free. If booked desks are not used, the desk booking platform automatically makes them available.

06Reverse hoteling

Some people still need fixed desks – but they will not always be there to use them. For example, they could be on holiday. Rendezvous is the best hot desk booking software that can redeploy them as temporary hot desks with its reverse hoteling function.

07Utilization data

A hot desking strategy needs to be flexible to respond to changes in your workforce’s needs. The accurate utilization data captured and analyzed by Rendezvous allows you to make solid planning decisions without having to rely on guesswork.

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    What our
    customers say


    ”Rendezvous was the application of choice for room booking having been successfully used in the US for years. Since the initial global implementation, our scope has expanded and we’ve continued working with NFS to modernise a new building with panel technology and implement hot-desking. The commitment, flexibility and expertise of our consultant has allowed for seamless transitions and I look forward to seeing where this technology takes us in the future.”


    Sharyn El Amir

    Senior IS Project Manager

    Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner


    ”The Rendezvous room booking system has contributed to the journey the Trust has started in moving forward to a more agile working environment. Now that the Trust has started the agile working journey, it will look to consolidate and improve space utilisation while at the same time improving the working environment.”


    Terry Murphy

    Assistant Director of Property

    Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

    Frequently asked questions

    Hot desk booking system is a specialized software solution for the selection checking in and out of desks. The software enables organizations to fully maximize their desk occupancy and reduce desk no-shows. 

    Hot desk booking solution is ideal for organizations who want to know exactly how their desk space is being utilized, as well as giving staff the flexibility to book their workspaces in advance – typically using a mobile device. 

    With a hot desk booking system like Rendezvous, you can find and book the meeting room or desk via a desk booking app on your phone, checking in with a QR code or using an RFID card.

    You can do a search for a desk using text-based input, or you can now use our new floorplan booking module as part of the mobile desk booking app, which makes the selection and booking of a free desk even faster. Just find the desk you want on the floorplan and book it.

    With fully seamless integration to Outlook the booking will appear on your phone’s calendar instantly for extra peace of mind.

    Rendezvous hot desking software is ideal for any agile working, hot desking, and hotelling environment, with this easy-to-use desk booking software, you can easily locate and book your desk or meeting room with a desk booking app on your phone, checking in with a QR code or via an RFID card. Alternatively, you can use the sensor technology of the hot desk booking app to locate a desk using digital signage. The Rendezvous hot desk scheduling software is considered the best in the market.
    It does more than this – it also helps you to fully utilize your space. By improving overall desk usage and increasing desk ratios with hot desk management software, you can save many thousands each year on real estate. Rendezvous provides robust hot desking software solutions for your needs. Want to find out more? Check out the ROI calculator of the hot desking software to see how much you can save.

    With the help of desk booking solutions like Rendezvous by NFS, your agile workers can locate and book their desk or meeting room using an app on their phone, checking in with a QR code when they arrive or tapping an RFID-enabled reader on a desk panel such as the Embrava range. The new floorplan module as part of our mobile booking software app makes it super easy to book a desk and with find a colleague features, this software helps them to collaborate and bounce new ideas off each other.

    Your agile workforce can use desk booking solutions like Rendezvous by NFS to spot and book the desks they need through an app on their phone. Using pre-defined business rules, unclaimed desks are automatically released to be booked again, thus reducing the cost and frustration of desk no-shows. Our software solutions are flexible enough to work with any style of agile working. So, if you are looking for a hot desk booking software or a hotelling desk reservation system we have you covered.

    Desk booking solutions like Rendezvous Workspace by NFS, a hot desk software, give your agile workforce booking capabilities through a hoteling desk reservation system. This hot desk booking system also addresses issues with useful real-time reports into actual workspace and desk utilization. By increasing desk ratios on the hot desk booking app even only slightly, you can make dramatic savings on real estate. Check out the ROI calculator of the Rendezvous to see how much you can save. Rendezvous is one of the best hot desk booking software in the market.

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