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We are a partner-centric company which works with a wide-range of leading companies in the field of IT services, video conferencing, AV, collaboration and hardware.

Thanks to Rendezvous’ incredibly flexible RESTful API, we are hardware and software agnostic and able to integrate effortlessly with a huge range of partner platforms, creating seamless, tailor-made and affordable solutions to suit every requirement.

These partners are chosen carefully with a long-term view to benefit our customers by enabling them to get a customised and cost-effective workspace management solution using best of breed hardware and software solutions which enables us and them to fully exploit and extend their capabilities.

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Our strategic partners

We work with leading edge technology companies including:

Advanced office control and automation systems

Advanced AV control systems

Leading digital signage solutions

Next-generation room booking displays

Powerful video conferencing platform

World leading access control systems

We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Global partner for managed services

Leading collaborative solutions

Hardware such as panels and kiosks

Digital signage solution

Audio visual professionals

Let’s be partners

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