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Desking and agile working
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Desking and agile working

Support your agile workers by giving them an intuitive desk booking app, ensuring optimum space utilization.

Meeting room management
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Meeting room management

Organize perfect meetings effortlessly, across multiple locations and time zones, including managing services, visitors and collaboration.

Conference center management
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Conference center management

Streamline your operations from enquiry to billing – with Rendezvous Events you can deliver a great client experience and never miss a sales opportunity.

Why choose NFS?

Robust solutions

Our tried and tested Rendezvous booking software provides powerful functionality to clients worldwide

Industry knowledge

Our experts have built up decades of best practice know-how and industry knowledge

Consultative approach

We tailor the solutions to perfectly meet your needs – because we work hard to understand your business and pain points

Long-lasting relationships

Our excellent client retention rates and references prove that service continuity is our strength

24/7 customer service model

Our award-winning helpdesk team of friendly experts ensure you’re well supported all day, every day

Robust solutions

Industry knowledge

Consultative approach

Long-lasting relationships

24/7 customer service model

Empowering your

Create perfect workplaces where wellbeing, productivity and collaboration can flourish, by helping your agile employees find the ideal space to work – every time.

Supporting the property team

Rendezvous puts real-time workspace utilization data at their fingertips, so they can make smart decisions on desking strategy and space reconfiguration for optimum occupancy and a cost effective property portfolio.

the workplace

With Rendezvous’ API first capability, you can integrate different workplace solutions effortlessly, including sensors/IOT, digital signage and Outlook.


Rendezvous gathers vital pre-visit information, optimizes visitor management including a touch-free check in process ensuring a great visitor experience.

Driving conference center revenues

Rendezvous provides all the tools you need to streamline operations and increase revenues, including integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for perfect client engagement.

Transforming hospitality management

Rendezvous booking software makes it simple to add vended services and other requirements such as AV to your meeting in a single transaction, even across multiple locations.

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Client Success Stories

Committed To Providing The Best

This new technology has increased our productivity at DLA Piper. NFS Rendezvous software is simple to use — once we got it set up it was easy to book meetings.

Kevin Wertlieb,
Senior Unified Communications Engineer, DLA Piper

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Once Rendezvous was installed, it was surprisingly easy to use – especially for a mature non-techie like me. We’ve cut phone calls by a third, which means much more time for quality service for staff and visiting clients.

Caroline Kennedy
Reception Manager

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We have worked closely with NFS to tailor the Rendezvous solution to the needs of Centrica and have been delighted with the flexibility and responsiveness of NFS.

Kiffey Dalvey
Senior Project Manager


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How can we help transform your business?

Our Rendezvous experts work with you to define not only what you want, but why you need it – then work with you to create a system that flexes and evolves with your business. With us, it’s personal.


Rendezvous Workspace Meeting Room Booking

For all flexible workers to book their desks and workspaces using a mobile device, Outlook or our self-service kiosk hardware.

Overall: Reporting is great to understand our properties and utilization Support is very good

Pros: Software is flexible and support is amazing. Simple or Complex bookings system is intuitive. Accounting and reporting is robust. Customer service and Training Mobile functionality

Cons: would love for the system to be PCI compliant without integrating with another system

Annmarie M.
Project Manager, Food & Beverages, 10,001+ employees Used the software for: 2+ years

the workplace for
a new era

At NFS, we keep our finger on the pulse of the workplace industry – and we bring you the latest trends, information and tips on workspace transformation every week. Check out our blogs, success stories and news to understand how the workplace is evolving – and how FM, HR and property professionals can meet the changing needs of employees.

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Welcome to NFS Technology

Digital power for workplace and venues

We’ve more than 20 years’ experience developing and supplying software that drives organizations forward all over the world.

Our Rendezvous booking software helps workplace leaders understand and improve their space utilization, and enables workers to book the desks and space they need easily.

And in conference centers, Rendezvous makes processes far more efficient and boosts revenue by revving up sales and marketing efforts with great CRM integration

Don’t delay – find out today how NFS and Rendezvous turn your business into a powerhouse:

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