Eliminate the risk: how to welcome visitors safely to your workplace

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It’s a big ask: how do you give your business visitors a warm welcome while quietly eliminating any risks attached to their visit?

Workplaces around the world are wrestling with the need to host necessary visits to the office – for both staff and guests – while keeping everyone safe.

But as ever, technology has risen to the challenge.

Harnessing the power of workspace scheduling technology, NFS’ visitor management software has now been developed further to offer organisations a far safer means to share their workspace.

Here’s how it works:

For your employees:

  • Emily needs to come to work for the day to collaborate with colleagues. She uses the app on her phone to select and book a desk for the day.
  • Emily is automatically emailed about her booking and receives a pre-screening form that determines whether she might have been exposed to any risks to coronavirus or is suffering symptoms.
  • The email also includes details of the company’s safety and sanitisation policies, which can be tailored for individual organisations.
  • Emily fills in the form to confirm she is free of symptoms, and once cleared, her booking is confirmed. She is sent a QR code that she uses to access the building and check into her desk via a touch-free access device.

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For your visitors:

  • Using your visitor management solution Vijay chooses the option to sign in as a visitor either on the touch-free access device onsite, or on an iPad at home. He fills in a pre-screening health form, and only needs to fill in his details once.
  • Vijay can also be asked for information ranging from important documents such as NDAs that need signing or vehicle registration details for parking – and the company can also include a safety video for him to watch.
  • He then takes a selfie – and when he arrives at the destination, he is automatically recognised for a seamless guest experience. Vijay is issued with an access pass that lasts for one day.
  • An email is sent to Vijay’s host to confirm he has arrived.
  • After Vijay’s visit, details and documents such as NDAs are retained for the records, while non-essential information is deleted.

Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology, said: “While many people continue to work at home, there’s still a need for visits to the workplace, for employees, meeting guests and contractors.

“It can be difficult for organizations to maintain the courteous welcome they would wish to give and also conform to the policies they have devised to keep their people safe at work.

“So good visitor management has become more important than ever.

“Our visitor management system, integrated with our Rendezvous desk booking software, not only collects all the data required to determine a guest’s identity and health status, but also gives the organization the opportunity to provide crucial safety information.

“We don’t know how long the corona crisis will affect the ability to make full use of workplaces, so our new enhanced visitor management solution provides a secure and well managed access method for both guests and employees while retaining key elements of the personal touch.”

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