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    Introducing our expert team of panelists:

    Luis De Souza

    Luis is CEO of NFS Technology, an international provider of workplace management solutions.

    Andrew Alderson

    Andrew is Global Director of Facilities of Kennedys Law LLP.

    Simon Barlow

    Simon is Technical Services Director at ResourceXpress.

    The workplace is rapidly evolving into a hub for employees engagement and collaboration. Hybrid working is now a given, but which model is right for your organisation?

    Our 45-minute webinar will provide:
    • An up-to-date insight on the latest research and trends from leading organisations like Gartner
    • We will be discussing what has worked in the implementations we have undertaken in 2022, and some of the challenges we faced
    • We will conclude with a checklist of the approach and actions you need to take to create your “Perfect“ workplace in 2023.

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