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You’ve got an important job to do maintaining and growing sales at your venue, and you need a clear view of how your team is performing at all times. Here are questions your industry peers are asking:

Rendezvous venue management software is the complete solution for gaining an end-to-end view of your venue, with comprehensive reports, business insight and analysis of all aspects of the operation.

Yes – with its comprehensive reports you can spot trends in key sales and operational activity, determine how effective a sales person is, and understand lead times.

Because Rendezvous streamlines every aspect of the sales process, automating admin, capturing valuable data and providing comprehensive reports, you gain an end-to-end view of your whole venue sales operation and how the whole team is performing.

Rendezvous provides seamless engagement with CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics so you have constant access to powerful sales and marketing automation with email and other marketing tools.

Rendezvous venue management software’s integration with CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics means you can work closely with the marketing team to drive new business promotions e.g. Christmas mailing – and Rendezvous captures data on your clients so you can be sure your campaigns hit the mark.

Yes – Rendezvous has a rich API that enables online booking from your website, and allows sales manager to populate the booking straight into the system without re-keying.

Yes – Rendezvous Events utilizes a powerful database to capture all the information you need to schedule, monitor and prioritize follow-up tasks without effort. The system’s CRM functions handle the sales process starting from the initial enquiry through to the final contract, allowing your sales team to spend more of their valuable time on selling.

Advanced billing is an integrated part of Rendezvous venue management software – you can track and analyze it by industry sector, type of event, time, and other factors, and create 12 month comparisons.

Absolutely. Rendezvous streamlines your sales operations and brings all of your technologies together so you can get the best out of your sales team and take advantage of every lead. As both on-premise and cloud options are available, as well as low-cost rental options, the system provides rapid ROI.

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